Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I first started blogging in April 2008, I had a long summation "About Me". I love to read the words others use to define themselves. How do we see ourselves? What makes us happy? Sad? What are we good at, or bad at?

I work in Human Resources. I have seen many different types of people, some at their best, some at their worst. I have learned through the years that we are ingrained to be a certain type of person - not that we are incapable of change, as anything is possible with determination, motivation and hope. I think it all goes hand-in-hand. When we are determined, we are motivated and we have hope. We can never lose hope, lest we lose our motivation and determination.

My "About Me" now reads, "By the grace of God, I am what I am". When I was in high school, when it was time to prepare the yearbooks, all seniors were given a form to complete for what they wanted written about them. Many were so prolific, listing all of their activities and accomplishments during their four year high school tenure. One girl, named Beth, was short, sweet and concise. She wrote, "By the grace of God, I am what I am". Those words made such an impression on me so many years ago and continue to this day.

I have learned that I cannot make myself into what someone may want me to be. I can only fulfill my own expectations. We walk our path alone, but I cherish the moments I spend with those I hold close to my heart. I try to always look at the positive because I like it better that way. I always believe the best in anyone I come into contact with because they deserve it.

I have hope. I believe that everything will have an outcome amd whether we like it or not, it is the path we were meant to follow. Our destiny. A beautiful place to be.

How would you define yourself?


Kay said...

This is such a very spiritual post, Joyce. It gives me a lot of peace. I love the fact that you are so accepting of yourself and others. You are the friend that anyone would be lucky to have. Thanks for being my blogging friend.

Sandy's Notes said...

I think that because you are so accepting of yourself, you are accepting of others. I love surrounding myself with people like you, you are rare. What great insight you have, thanks for posting this one. Wish we could have a cup of coffee over this conversation!