Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall In Vermont

I visited my brother in Vermont in early October. It was the peak of the Fall foliage and I loved every minute of my trip. My brother was a spectacular host, the weather was crisp and clear and I just cannot remember the last time I had such a wonderful vacation. I have lots and lots of pictures to share, but will first share some colorful clips from our visit to The Vermont Country Store, located in Weston, Vermont, a three hour ride from my brothers home in Glover, Vermont. They do a superb job of decorating for the season.

Living in South Florida, I don't get to see the vibrant colors of the Fall season. I really enjoyed the trees and the whole atmosphere. The people were very nice, peaceful and content. I came away with an inner peace and a new appreciation for the life my brother leads. I can't explain it, but it was such a different feeling from my tropical paradise.

While the Fall is beautiful, this is what he has ready for the cold winter ahead.

He feels comfortable that this will be enough wood for his wood burning stove. Oh my! I cannot imagine. South Florida colors aren't too bad either. This is more my style . . .

But I do think Fall in Vermont would be a great annual tradition!


Jo, a retired teacher said...

I agree with you; places where the leaves change and the air gets crisp are lovely places to visit in the fall. Winters, however, are best spent where the sun shines, snow doesn't accumulate, and roads don't get ice.

Beautiful pictures.


I would love to visit Vermont! Your photos are wonderful.
I'm mailing some "paper" stuff tomorrow...sure hope you will like what I'm sending!
deb :)

Sandy's Notes said...

Ya, so that would be the best of both worlds. Maybe a little place in the summer too for a short get-a-way to enjoy a dryer week or two. Maybe one of your craft swap friends would swap a house visit with you!

Wait a minute, maybe I need a little get-a-way in the winter. Winters are way too cold in Connecticut, Florida sounds great right about now!

Kay said...

I loved seeing this. It's so different from Hawaii. These beautiful photos really sing of fall.

Suzanne said...

Those are beautiful photos. The first time I went to New England in the Fall, I was amazed that they put pumpkins out for decorations so early. I was used to our pumpkins that would rot if you put them out a week before Halloween. Your pictures from Florida are a nice contrast. You have an eye for good photo composition.