Saturday, August 9, 2008

Whitney's Day

I had a great day today! The day started by going to the cutest quilt shop! My MIL wanted to buy a panel to make a lap-sized quilt for me for Christmas. I love the charm and whimsy of Mary Englebreit. Mary has a new quilt for Christmas that was previewed in her Home Companion magazine. My MIL is great at quilting and I am so touched that she is eager to spend the time making this quilt for me. I am so excited!!

Around 3pm this afternoon, I took my Goddaughter, Whitney, on a little excursion - just the two of us. Whitney is leaving very soon for college, The University of Central Florida, and I wanted us to spend some time together before she leaves. First we went shopping in downtown Stuart. They have the cutest shops there and I was so wrapped up in shopping that I forgot to take any pictures there. The best little shop there with the most unique things is called April Daze. It was lots of fun and we both got some really cute things, which I may share tomorrow. Next we went to the Roosevelt Bridge and walked around under the bridge for awhile. It was so beautiful.

It was so peaceful and relaxing there and quite breezy too.
There were several people fishing and many just sitting around relaxing and enjoying the view.Then we went to the Crab House in Jupiter. We had a delicious dinner of crab dip, coconut shrimp and a yummy salad. We snapped some pictures of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

Here is a picture of my beautiful Goddaughter who will soon be leaving us for UCF. Boo Hoo!!

Here is the waterfront side of The Crab House.

We caught a beautiful sunset.

It was a wonderful day that I will always remember. Thanks Whitney for such a great time!!


rachel said...

It sounds like you two had a really fun time (:
I had fun with Arielle, and I love the bracelets you brought home for me, thanks! and i love you bunches (; <3

haha Connie, i beat you, once again!!! (:

Kay said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time with Arielle. Your sunset photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!

Connie said...

Joyce, my sweet angel, what a sweet thing to do for Whitney!! I'd love to do that for someone someday. I think most people think a woman near 70 doesn't have much to tell them or they can't learn anything. Let me tell youuuuuuuuu! I have a mountain of information to share and I think you understand that. I feel sorry for the people who don't get to know ME! I'm neat, lady!! But YOU know that! Hah... AND coconut shrimp???!!!! My favorite thing in the whole world to eeeeeEEEEEEaaaaEEEEEttttt, chick. Oh my I'm blabbering like a dottering old laaAAAAaaddddy now........Hah. That bridge is gorgeous too!!!!!
Smoochies to you AND Miss Rachel.... yes, you did, sweetpea.....beat me that is!! Hah

Whitney said...

yesterday was so much fun! I had a great time just being with you and chatting! The shops at downtown stuart were so cute and I love all of my stuff from april daze! And walking under the bridge was so beautiful and peaceful...I also loved my own personal, narrated tour of palm city..everything there is so pretty!! The food at the crab house was soo yummy..especially the dip and the shrimp..yummmm!! and it was fun taking pictures after dinner..even if we looked like dorks when we used the timer!lol! I love you and I loved our day yesterday and I wanted to thank you so so much for doing that for me!! <3 <3 <3

Karen said...

What a beautiful day you had, the photos are amazing!!!

Robyn said...

Great photos! Looks so peaceful!

Jeanne said...

Joyce, I am still trying to catch up with those who left comments last week. I was surprised when you mentioned Stuart and The Crab House in Jupiter. I lived in Jupiter out in the farms. We loved it there. A job change moved us to Kissimmee and retirement moved us to The NC Smokey Mtns. We love it here. Have you ever ordered the lighthouse dessert at the Crab House. Yum!

Your day with your Goddaughter was so nice. I enjoyed th photos and yes, Whitney is beautiful.

Take care, Jeanne

Kay said...

Joyce, you are too kind. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the lovely compliment about my blog set up. Actually, I LOVE your header. I even showed it to my daughter and she agreed that the upside down daisy is very unusual and beautiful. It's very distinctive. I love it.