Saturday, August 2, 2008

Halloween Is Still Almost 3 Months Away!!!

Oh I know it's only August 2nd, but I was at Home Goods and they have all of their Halloween merchandise out now and I just couldn't resist this little pumpkin witch girl. Isn't she the cutest?

They had a little boy pumpkin witch also and I should've bought him also, but I felt like I shouldn't have even been buying her. But now that I see how cute she looks in my house, I've got to go get him tomorrow. And even though Halloween is almost three months away, I'm keeping her right where she is because she looks adorable! Her skirt is black lace and it is just precious!

I'm so bad with holiday decorations. I just love them and I hate putting certain things away. My Santa collection stays with me year round. I have lots of red accents throughout my house and they just add to the decor. Aren't they grand?

It may have been 101 degrees outside today, but I have Halloween and Christmas on my mind. What fun!!


rachel said...

that is not a problem, with all the decorations around. spread the holiday cheer. i usually start blasting the house with christmas music in october (:

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, 101? That's hot!!! I was complaining about the heat in the 80s today at the flea market!! I didn't buy a thing there! Can you believe it! I didn't even look around because I was so busy selling, although I only made $90 but most of the things were only a couple bucks each.

I couldn't believe when I walked in Marshalls last week and saw Halloween stuff. It seems like summer just started! Your little pumpkin girl is cute!

Whitney said...

aww..thank you for believing in me! and for all your kind words! I would LOVE to do something just the two of us! that would be great ! because you know that you are very special to me have had such a major impact on my life and I can't even imagine it without you..I love you very much..and you and rachel truly are my favorite people in the ENTIRE world! When I am gone I will be thinking of you always and I will come back to visit all the time! <3

All my love


Kay said...

Wow! That is very impressive! I'll bet you put up a really gorgeous Christmas tree, too.

Karen said...

I don't see anything wrong putting out decorations early. For me it's earlier and earlierI every year.I also have a christmas piece that stays with me all year round and I Love it... I love the pumpkin girl!

Connie said...

You do what YOU want to, my girly chick!! I do! Bob the contractor and I had several discussions last week on decorating! Guys just don't understand it, I tell ya. I ALWAYS do what I want to and not others. Hey, it's my home and those others can just suck eggs if they don't like it!! Hah....but 99.9% LOVE it!! Hah,
Smoochies my sweet new friend,

Anonymous said...

excellent blog. I will read you in the future, I want you all the best! steven

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Do you collect Santas Joyce ? I used to collect santas and raggedy Ann .

Halloween costumes said...

Wow thats pretty cool, a lot of decorations you have there. When you said 101 degrees and I saw all those Santas' I thought they were made of wax so I got worried that they might melt :x