Friday, August 1, 2008

Dinner Party Success

Had some friends over tonight for a dinner party. I had a lovely time and I think they did too! Had to make a quick stop after work to pick up some new placemats. I have several sets, but only sets of 4. I actually do have a set of eight in cream, but there would be no contrast with my dishes. I bought a set of black placemats with matching napkins. I've never had black and had to stop and think about it for a half second, but I'm glad I got them. What do you think?

I made a new recipe, Brie Pecan Rollups with Raspberry Sauce. It was delicious and I highly recommend it! We also had baked potato's, broccoli, bruschetta and salad. Dessert was made by my dear friend, Arielle. She made yummy brownies, pinwheel cookies and snickerdoodles. It all disappeared very quickly. The chicken rollups were a little messy to make, but worth it. I don't know how to link the recipe, but you can find it on If you've never gone to that website, please check it out. They email me a recipe every day and I have made rave-worthy items that are asked for again and again. Definitely a site to bookmark for future reference.

We had a great time tonight with our friends visiting from North Carolina. It's interesting how some people can be such a part of your life, move away, then come back for a visit and it's like they never left. I guess some people are special like that. Treasures to hold dear. Our best Florida friends were here (Hope, Whitney and Arielle), and my sister, Lisa, (my new neighbor) and my nephew, Kyle. It was like old times before the hurricanes changed our lives. Here's a picture of the gang, minus Lisa, who left before the picture was taken.

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Ours was off to a great start!


rachel said...

I just love the photo!!! (: I didn't try the chicken, but I'm sure it pleased your taste buds.
Everything else was great, you were a wonderful host (;

Connie said...

Rachel is always fiiiIIIIrsssstttIII, drat, sweetpea!!!! Okay, okay, I'm whining!! LOL But I recognize y'all in the pix. Rachel's the one on the far left, right?!?!?! ;-) Just kidding, chicks, I know which cutie pie she is!!! :-)

Karen said...

Your such a wonderful hostess..You should go into the business. I think the black set was beautiful.
You have a wonderful eye for these things..Great photo, looks like everyone enjoyed the meal and the