Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Time for Everything

Do you remember some of your "firsts"? Sometimes it's hard to remember once you get so used to doing something. Do you remember your first time driving by yourself? Do you remember the first time you shaved your legs? Do you remember your first kiss? It's great to capture some of those firsts on film, so when you become a pro, you can look back and remember that first time.

Thursday, July 31st, was a special day for our family. My son, Logan, graduated high school. Yes, it's summer and most people graduated in either May or June. Well, that should've happened for us too, but unfortunately, it did not happen then. Fortunately, though, we got a second chance and Logan graduated at the summer graduation ceremony. I guess it's not when it happens, but that it happens.

Had to share a first where I laughed until I cried. You know that kind of laugh? Logan and his good friend, Lenny, were getting ready for the graduation ceremony and had to wear dress pants, shirt and a tie. A tie??? Horrors!!! How do you tie a tie if you've never tied a tie??? Now don't go taking for granted tieing a tie. Ask any man out there who has worn a tie how he tied his first tie? That is not something that you just know how to do. Well, the lesson by Logan's father was just priceless and I had to share the photo's. Logan would probably kill me if he knew I posted this, but he thinks this blogging is crazy! What does he know? I'm not quite sure he got the hang of tieing a tie, but I guess that comes with age and practice. Ah, yes, wisdom comes with age, right?

Who says 18 year olds know everything???


Karen said...

How nice are these photo's, just beautiful capturing the moment. You can see Tom is proud, it really shows..You have such a beautiful gift Joyce, you have the gift of words. Your words tell a beautiful story every time...

Connie said...

18 yr olds, that's who, sweet chick! I beat Rachel posting!!!!!!! Wooooohooooo,

rachel said...

this picture just makes me want to lie on the floor, roll around, and crack up! (:

Whitney said...

Congrats to Logan!!! And those pics are priceless!! So funny!

Bella said...

lol, my dh was doing the same thing this spring...normally in the past, we would just go to his family's house before an event and someone there would helpo him out...but now that we moved, he had to learn how to tie his own tie...and imagine, he's only 49! lol ;)

Nice to meet you:)