Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today's Treasures

You would think that by now I would have learned that when you see something you like - you need to buy it because if you go back for it - it won't be there! Last week, Rachel and I found the cutest butter dish at Home Goods. Have you ever seen the creamer in the shape of a cow where the milk comes out its mouth when poured? I have had one of those for years and I always get compliments on it when I use it. Well, the butter dish was the same concept in that it was a cow with the butter sitting on its back. I was in a rare moment of practicality - fool that I am - and we walked away without it. Yep, I should've bought it then because when we went back for it tonight, of course it wasn't there. We did find other treasures, though. First, this cute little creamer that really matches nothing I have, but I liked it and it was only $3.00.

Next, I found these pretty dishes that will be great for lunch on the black placements I bought last week. I bought five of them (yes, a weird quantity, but the 6th one had an ugly chip). These were $2.00 each!!

Lastly, I bought this thing, I don't really know what it is but I thought it would look nice on the wall in my room - is that weird? This was another great buy at $3.00.

I didn't get the adorable cow butter dish, but I am quite pleased with the things I found and very happy with the prices! Guess it doesn't matter when you go to Home Goods, there's always something there just waiting for you to take it home.


rachel said...

i must say we did have mighty fun tonight! and i love my boots, as well as everything you bought!

Joanne Kennedy said...

You got some fun things and who says things have to match. I love those dishes.

I went to Marshall's today and was sad I didn't find one thing in there. Everything is dark as fall is coming. I like the light and pretty colors of spring and summer.

Fall is nice in our living room though as the colors are darker out there. But I was hunting for things for my office and/or bedroom.

Oh well, can't always get what you want.

I think that butter dish sounds darling though.


Connie said...

YOU DID, SWEETPEA!!! But I'm 3rd!!!! Squeeeealll.... Yesssssssss, one of my mottos has been "you'll never be sorry you purchased it, but you ALWAYS be sorry you DIDN'T!!!! I LIVE by that motto!!!!!!
Smoochies, my florida chicks,

Chris said...


Great shopping there! I collect red transferware, so I am lovin' that creamer.

Sorry you didn't get the butter dish...but maybe more of them will come into the store? I'll keep my fingers crossed.