Sunday, August 3, 2008

Procrastinate No More!!!

I am so proud of myself!!! I hate doing my paperwork at home. I only make it worse for myself by procrastinating about it. Haven't seen the day yet where it went away because I made the conscious decision to ignore it. Well, today I set a goal for myself to once and for all, get the darn paperwork done! I did it!!! Everything is filed, shredded or tossed and I feel good!!! I updated my addresses in my contact list on Outlook. I organized all the school papers from last year - yep - last year. After all, school will be starting in two weeks here in South Florida.

Since I feel so good about my accomplishment today, I am going to show you two pictures that I love that I have had for years and years and still love as much as the day I got them. This first picture we got when we were first married. It is a poster that we bought out of the Metropolitan Museum of Art catalog. We had it framed and it has hung in every living room since 1983.
This next picture is hanging in my bathroom. This picture came with my husband, a yard sale find - the picture, not the husband:) It's in its original frame, which is fine with me. Anything more elaborate may detract from the beauty of the picture.
Both of these pictures make me feel so peaceful. Is it because of their beauty, or is it because I've had them for so long and they are such a part of me, or is it because of the special time in my life when they were acquired and that feeling of pride that comes with those early acquisitions? It's interesting the things we keep that we would never consider parting with, and those things that can be tossed without a thought. I love the special things, those items that hold a certain sentiment in our heart and in our home.


Connie said...

I can see why you like the pictures so much. They're beautiful. Check my blog tomorrow, chickadee! I think you'll be and Rachel! Hah

rachel said...

Connie beat me!!! lol (:

the pictures do look lovely in our home, you always know what looks good, and you always seem to know the right place.

i had a very fun weekend with you. thank you for my zebra beanbag <3 i love you bunches!!!

Joanne Kennedy said...

You are right. Those are two beautiful pictures. I can see why you love them.

I also love your Santa collection. I think it's great that you keep them up all year.


Ellyn said...

Great pictures Joyce. I really liked the one in your bathroom.
I scrolled back to your skywatch too. I loved that. The sun shining behind just makes it sparkle. Very nice.

Kay said...

Since we've just had to downsize our belongings to move to Hawaii I can certainly understand what you meant when you saw the interesting things people decide to keep and what they will throw away. I'm sorry now about many of the things we left behind and wonder WHY we brought certain things we shipped all the way from Illinois to Hawaii.

Hope Go Blue said...

Hello there BFF Joyce! I am very jealous that you made it through your paperwork (and very proud of you). Since you were so successful, I think you should come and help organize my computer armoire. I worked on it all day Saturday and despite three big bags of garbage I have more to go (primarily the organizing part. I really like those pictures also - and the answer to your question at the end is that all those things probably go into why you love them. Very good thoughts. :-) Hope