Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter in South Florida

Okay, I'm kinda feeling guilty now when I hear the weather reports from around the country. I cannot believe how cold it is all over. I live in South Florida and this is our most beautiful time of the year. But I did grow up in New Jersey and I even lived in Connecticut for a year so I know cold weather. I vividly remember scraping ice off my windshield, trudging through snow to my knees and being bundled up like a snowman and still freezing. I remember warming up my car before I got into it and driving sideways up snowcovered hilly roads. I remember chapped lips and changing out my summer and winter clothes. I remember being elated to see the crocuses popping their little heads through the remnants of snow and walking through the fallen leaves of red, orange and yellow in the crisp Fall air. I remember being snug inside away from the first winters chill with a pot of chili cooking on the stove. And I remember seeing the first snowflakes falling to the ground and the beauty of that first snowfall.

But I kinda have to admit that it is really nice to sleep with the windows open in January. It's nice to toss on a sweater in our 50 degree cold weather. It's nice to water my outdoor flowers at this time of year and marvel at the new buds that pop out so frequently. It's nice to sit at the beach and read a book, or go to the State Fair next weekend, or sit and watch my daughter's soccer tournament this Saturday.

So to all my friends throughout the land, when you are enjoying the weather this spring and summer that I am enjoying now, remember that I will be battening down the hatches to keep the hurricanes out. No matter where we live, there is always something, so I'm going to enjoy the moment because that is all I can do.


Gratitude Gal said...

Every year at this time, I say this frequently, "this is why we live here!" The weather is wonderful. I, too, grew up in the north (Erie, Pa) and don't really miss the snow much. Enjoy, Joyce and we'll be talking come hurricane season as well.

Unknown said...

Florida is wonderful. My daughter and her girlfriend went to Florida for Christmas break. She telephoned me and said that they were watching the dolphins from the pier. You are blessed to spend the winters there. Yes, it's in the teens here today, snow on the ground with a promise of more tomorrow.


Rhondi said...

Hi Joyce
I have to admit, living in Canada most of my life and now being in NC, I don't miss the snow and cold one bit. I haven't been by fi awhile to visit so it took me awhile to get caught up. I see you've been busy!
Rhondi xo

Connie said...

Yeah, chickee, that weather would be sooooooo hard to take! LOL
Smooches for Mz Rachel and she better be doing well in her school work!!

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I have lived most of my life in Utah where winter does bring cold and lots of snow (we had the Olympics in 2002). Because of its location, the cold is "drier" than that of other places. We don't have ice storms, sleet, or wind chills of 30 degrees below zero (like my son's family did when they lived in upstate NY). The deep powdery snow makes our ski resorts famous, but it is still treacherous to drive in, difficult to shovel, and a nuisance for walking or parking.

Florida looks delightful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce
Oh I know those days thats for sure. Its very nippy here this week. We've had extreme cold weather but its very bright, white and crisp and that is a lot better than dark, wet, mucky looking and damp!
Yes please do enjoy your lovely weather in Florida. I know I would. I hope the hurricanes just don't happen this year...hmmmm...

have a lovely day

rachel said...

aw, winter in florida is alot of fun (:
it is always fun snuggling up with the windows open, watching gossip girl or american idol :D
i really don't like being cold, its just not comfortable, but then again, i hate florida, oi vey..

Jayme said...

You're killing me Joyce! It's 10 degrees here today. My fingers are so cold I'm holding them over a candle so I can type. Enjoy that gorgeous Florida weather.

storyteller said...

I do know what you mean ... because our Southern California weather is excessively warm with gusty Santa Ana winds blowing for the past week. It's hard for me to imagine the freezing conditions across the nation. I'm late in visiting because I was away from home all day yesterday, but I shared twice ... once at Happily Retired Gal and the other at Sacred Ruminations, including a bit of Haiku as usual.
Hugs and blessings,