Friday, January 30, 2009

Heart Paper Chains

A few posts ago, I showed you this packet of double-sided scrapbook paper I bought for a Valentine craft.

Look what I made with it!

Hearts, hearts and more hearts! Aren't they pretty? I cut the 12x12 inch scrapbook paper into one and a half and two inch strips.

I then folded the strips in half and looped over into a heart shape and secured with a glue stick. Next I cut one inch strips from the 12x12 paper and then cut those strips into eight inch pieces.

I then slipped this eight inch piece between two hearts and secured with a glue stick, making a chain of hearts looped together.

I usually make a chain of twenty hearts. Here is the finished heart paper chain hanging in the reception area window in the lobby of my office.

I have paper hearts all over the place. I am making chains for my mom, my mother-in-law and my swap partner . . . shhhsshhhh - whatever you do, don't tell Jayme !!!

It's an easy craft to make. You can sit and watch t.v. and make heart after heart after heart. The loops between each heart really make it much more attractive. You could attach the hearts to each other, but it lays so much nicer looped together with the eight inch strip. I love making them and I love looking at them, especially with the pretty scrapbook papers. I remember making paper chains as a kid. It's fun to do things now that bring back memories of sweet days gone by.


Glenda said...

These bring back memories of doing the round ones and making a chain. I love the hearts great job.


Connie said...

What a great idea, honey. I might try that. I have a vinyl type one hanging off my craft room shelves and love it - bright red. But I like the idea of hearts. Happy PS.
Smooches for girl,

Lisa said...

Those papers are gorgeous. I love the colors. I think I might try this and decorate a little.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Very cute idea...thanks for visiting this morning...have a great week!


How cute they are Joyce! Love the patterned paper. :o)

Elsbeth said...

Ooo! I love this idea! I'm going to use it to decorate for my engagement party this weekend!