Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amazing Tribute

Each year on September 11th,  the Fire Chief's Association of Palm Beach County, Florida presents a tribute to those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 and to honor those that risked their lives on that fateful day.  The ceremony this year was in my town and I was so touched by the day's events.  Every Fire Department and Police Department throughout Palm Beach County was represented.  Each unit had fire trucks parked along the main road in.  A parade was held ending at our Ampitheatre where a beautiful ceremony was held.  Here are some photo's to capture the day.


A plaque on the front of one of the trucks reads, "Look Busy Until We Get There"

The Flyover

                                        A Flag That Was In The World Trade Center, Framed
Our Town's Memorial - steel from between the 69th and 71st floors of Tower 2 and the Fountain with an Eternal Flame.  There is also a wall with the names of each person that perished etched in glass.

It was a typically hot, hot, hot Florida day, yet the Firefighters from throughout the County were gathered together to honor their own.  They stood in the blazing hot sun, in full uniform, never showing any discomfort.  As we were standing behind a group of Firefighters, I noticed that every 15 minutes or so, the person in the front of the line who was standing in the direct sun, would move to the back of the line where there was shade so each had a turn in the sun.  Amazing. 

 After the ceremony was over, we were speaking with one of the Firefighters crediting him for withstanding the heat in full uniform.  He commented that they were well hydrated, that they train for "conditions" like this and with a twinkle in his eye said, "even if we were dying, we'd never let you know it"!  Not everyone could fill those shoes.  Thank God for those that do!

An amazing day.  The emotions are overflowing.  I remember what I was doing ten years ago today.  We all do. It was the day life changed forever.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I Like About Me

I am the type of person that sees the good in everything.  I am pretty much happy all of the time and I don't let things get me down.  I could be going through the worst of times, but life goes on and I don't let those things that I cannot control, control me.  I always want everyone to be happy but realize that it is a choice we each have to make.  I choose to be happy.  I choose to not let things bother me.  If something is going really horribly, I just plod on through and seek the fun, the happy the feel good stuff.  I don't have to be like this.  I choose to be like this.  We're all on a journey and I'm liking my journey.  Hey, it's my journey and I want to enjoy it, so I'm going to.

My travels today took me to my favorite scrapbooking store.  I love the group of friends I've met there and truly enjoy being with them while we take some time to play.  I participated in a 7 Gypsies Printers Tray class.  It was relaxing and fun.  Here is the finished product.

There were a couple pieces that did not come in yet so I'll have to add them when they arrive.  The center on the top row should have two hooks on either side holding the clock with wings.  There should be a hook on the top left holding that little banner;  and there should be hooks on either side of the little photo album in the bottom right with an elastic holding it in place.  I'm going to add some black and white photo's of my parents and perhaps some journaling where I can.  I just love it!  This was a very fun project.

I'm participating in an Art Journal swap with "Art for the Creative Mind", a Yahoo group I belong to.  The theme for my journal is "Words", a theme I've used before and never tire of everyone's interpretation.  I received my first page today, a beautiful creation by our group leader, Tolegranny.


The first page I had to create is for an Alice in Wonderland Art Journal.  Here is what I came up with.

I also made a tag last week at the scrapbooking store to welcome Fall. 

Tomorrow I need to bring out my Fall holiday decorations and pack away my patriotic things until next
smmer.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend too. 

What do you like about you?

I haven't posted in so long I see Blogger has changed.  Why are things centered now?  How can I change that?  Hmmm.  Must go figure this out.  See what happens when you take a month to make a post?!!  The world keeps turning, ready or not!!