Saturday, May 25, 2013

Card Making

My friend, Sandy, and I got together recently to make cards.  We picked up the hat girl stamp at our favorite scrapbooking and stamp store and had fun making a mask and then creating a group of pretty girls.  We each stamped the circle background, then I free-handed colorful dots sporadically and then colored the girls in with Copic markers.  I love the way the card turned out.  I recently purchased the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Maker and made the green polka dot envelope to match. 

It's going to be lots of fun making pretty envelopes to coordinate with the cards I make.  It's always such fun to create!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Journal Page - Candy Store

Truly love how my Candy Store Journal Page turned out!  I had such fun playing with colors!  This is a bit different than how I envisioned it when Sandy and I started out with the same images.  I can't wait to see how Sandy finished hers up too!  If you look back a couple of posts, you will see this at an earlier stage.  Here is the finished product........

The quotes say, "Your choices now will dictate your health in the future."  "Choose Wisely!"  I really spent a lot of time journaling today and it's true what they say, once you start, it just grabs hold and entices you to do more.  It will certainly be a lot of fun filling up these pages!!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Journal Page - Wish for More

Certainly more productive things I should be doing today, but I decided to do something with the two page spread where I glued down random bits and pieces that looked good to me.  This is what I started with.

Now with inky fingers, this is the finished product.

I love it.  The quote says, "Did she ever wish for more?"

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Journal Page - Candy Store

I don't normally take pictures of my journal pages in progress, but I'm going to now as I want to see the progression.  My friend, Sandy, and I started with the same image and went from there.  We did our backgrounds together and will get together again with our finished pieces.  I have a good idea of where I want to go from here so stay tuned.

It's amazing how you can also see a quote and just know that it's perfect for the page.  Can't wait to finish it up!!