Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Majestic Princess

Had an awesome day on Sunday! We were invited to a 50th Anniversary Party aboard the Majestic Princess.

Not often I spend time on a yacht, so I made sure to enjoy every moment! The first level was the dining area. The second level had a bar area and this picture below is the third level, my favorite!

We had a yummy brunch as we traveled the intracoastal. The weather was gorgeous and it being Memorial Day weekend, many were out enjoying the day.

I grew up in New Jersey and while I loved living there for many reasons, I am perfectly content now living in the tropical paradise of Palm Beach county in South Florida . . . for many reasons. It's human nature to become accustomed to things and maybe even take things for granted, so sometimes it's good to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds us.

Now if I could cruise on a yacht every weekend, that just might be something fun to take for granted. Hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bags of Life

How many bags of trash, bags to Goodwill and packed boxes can one's life fill? I am in the process of packing up my mother's life and dispersing of it as best I can. I sold her house so I can continue to care for her in the assisted living facility where she's been living for the past four years. I have about three more weeks to get everything organized, sorted and gone before the closing.

My heart breaks as I go through each closet and drawer and see the things she so lovingly cherished and saved for us, things with little notes so we would know of their importance to her so we might also hold them dear. While this is a physically arduous task, the emotional toll is heart-wrenching. I'd like to think it would be easier if she were in Heaven as I would then be doing the job she chose me to do. Knowing, though, that she is living and breathing elsewhere and I am in her home dispersing her life's treasures, I just truly do not know that I will ever be able to get past this. Please be assured that I would not be doing this if it were not the last alternative. It does not make it easier. My friends who know the situation, offer many prophetic words of wisdom and while I love them for acknowledging and understanding my pain, I cry in remembrance of days gone by.

Sometimes I wish I were still a little girl, running through the house on a mission to get outside to play, careful not to knock into one of mom's treasures on my way..... rather than packing them up to send on their way, hoping that my mother would understand, if she could.