Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vintage Valentine Swap

I was soooo excited when I got home from work yesterday and saw that there was not one, but two packages addressed to me and Rachel from our Vintage Valentine Swap partners, Jayme and Chloe. We did a mother/daughter swap and it was such fun!!! Rachel and I had never done a swap before so we were worried about "getting it right". We had a great time. I don't have all the photo's now because the battery on my camera died (ugh!), so I'll share some now and the rest tomorrow.

Look at this tussy!!!

I love it!!! I've been seeing these around blogland and have been wanting to try this myself and I was just so thrilled to receive one of my own. Jayme filled it with a vintage handkerchief and little bags so lovingly filled with the cutest things, swarovski crystals, findings, beaded trim and other things packaged so nicely with handmade labels. I was very impressed with the time, effort, creativity and care that Jayme and Chloe packed into everything they gave us.

Look at this little box and the flower cart pin. This is so precious! I love pins and I wear them often. This is a wonderful addition!!

Here's a better picture of the heart box, without the pin.

There were so many more things, but my battery died in my camera. I must say the battery lasted a long time, because I only gave it the initial charge when I got it for Christmas and that charge held until February!!!

We have to photograph Rachel's goodies (and the rest of mine), but here is a picture of Rachel excited to open her treasures. She was thrilled!!

We were so impressed with all of the beautiful handmade items. I'll share more photo's tomorrow, but so many truly beautiful, thoughtful treasures - it brought tears to my eyes.

I will leave you with a cute little plaque I made for my friend, Karen's, surprise 50th birthday party today. I saw this on someone else's blog, and I should really keep track where I see things, because I would love to give credit, but I don't remember where I saw it. Came out cute, didn't it?

I have been having such a great time crafting lately. I have seen so many cute ideas on your blogs. It is such fun to try my own hand at some of these pretties. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'm anxious to see the contenders in the Mind Wide Open challenge tomorrow.

Happy 50th Karen!!!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!

What beautiful treasures! I've never done a swap before but it looks like fun. The tussie is gorgeous!!

Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Sherry

Connie said...

Every time I see Rachel she gets to be a lovelier and lovelier chick, Mom. You're gonna need a shotgun to keep the guys in line with her! Hah.

Jayme said...

Hey Joyce!
Thanks for posting such great pictures! I'm so glad you liked everything. It was fun! Rachel is just gorgeous. Cute pics!

myaliasgigi said...

Joyce, you made that plaque? I thought it was store bought...You are so creative..and you do Great work...I love it!

myaliasgigi said...

By the way..Rachel is so gorgeous. every time I see her she is more and more gorgeous..Beware when she is a little older she wil be breaking some hearts....

Sherri said...

Hi Joyce! I've been in a crafty/artsy mood too! I love the things you got-how cute! Rachel is a pretty girl, you should be proud as I'm sure you are!! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Rue said...

Hi Joyce :)

My goodness, Rachael is beautiful! I know it probably drives YOU crazy though LOL Your swap partner was really sweet to you :)

Oh and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the horse show pics. I used to do that and I miss it.