Thursday, February 5, 2009

Delightful Dinner/To The Dogs

I'm not always thrilled about making dinner after working all day, so if I can find an easy way to make a good meal, I'm all for it. I found a great recipe for a London Broil Sauce. A variation was to slow-cook it. I love that idea!!

The sauce was superb. All you need is a 10.25 ounce can/jar of beef gravy, 8 ounces of bottled Italian salad dressing, 1/2 cup ketchup and a one ounce package of dry onion soup mix. All ingredients are mixed together and then poured over the London Broil which cooks on low in the crockpot for six hours. Remove, shred with a fork and return to the crockpot for an additional half hour. Yum!

Also made some broccoli and baked potatoes.

It was easy and very tasty. Try it sometime. You'll be pleased.

Had a little mishap with Bella this week. Remember her?

Bella turned six months old on February 1st. She is now 10lbs, 6 oz. and a wonderful addition to our family. Bella and Lacie love to run around the house like wild animals. Most likely, during one of their romps, Bella got a scratch on her eyeball. We got an antibiotic ointment from the vet and she's about as good as new. So the girls are back to their antics and loving every minute.

When I was a little girl, I never liked dogs. We always had them, but I never had much to do with them. My family is now utterly amazed at how I love my pooches. Just look at them! How could I resist those cute little faces?


Gratitude Gal said...

Dinner looks delish! Miss you stopping by. Hope all is well. Kauai is soooo beautiful.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I'll give your slow cooker recipe a try; it sounds yummy.

Lisa said...

Dinner does look sooooo good. I might give that one a try.

Awwww. Who could resist those faces? Not me! said...

Yes, those doggies look pretty lovable!

Sherri said...

Dinner looks so yummy!! I'll have to try that recipe-thanks! Those pooches of yours are so cute! Glad Bella is doing better. Silly girls!!


Hi Joyce,
Thank you for your prayer's for FIL!!I did a quick updated post.
Dinner looks yummy and I am sooo hungry.
Love the photos of your puppies:)They look so happy.
Have a great weekend...I'm off to find something to eat:)

IsabellasCloset said...

Joyce, Oh my gosh are these 2 ever darling! What a sweetie that Bella is.. I love her name!
Blessings to all of you ~Mary~

Kay said...

You have got the cutest dogs on the web! Adorable!