Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful to finally post again!!! Where the dickens have I been??? Doing some of this and some of that, reading books and magazines, shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and going crazy at work with lots of deadlines with everything due at the same time! Ugh!!! I am happy to be back and I have sooo much to say, so many pictures to share, so many things that have happened that I need to write about.

It was such fun to set my table for Thanksgiving dinner. I bought a new gold damask tablecloth yesterday. I love the way my table turned out.

We had a small group this year, but what was nice is that we all fit at the table. Usually we have the kids sitting around a separate table in the living room. That's what one has to do when they live in a small place, yet still love to entertain.

Rachel made adorable place cards. The inside says, "Gobble Gobble".

And the food didn't look too bad either.

I also made the Friendship Cookies that were shared by Joanne Kennedy from My Little Cottage in the Making. They were so good, I had to make a double batch because everyone really made a dent in the first batch. I made one adjustment - switched the chocolate chips for cinnamon chips (whoever knew there was such a thing??) They were a HUGE hit!!

I just have to share my most recent purchase. I bought this lamp recently through JC Penney's. This lamp is only available online and I just loved the picture they showed of it. It took me about half a second to decide I had to have it, but was very dismayed when it was backordered for over a month. It just came last week and I am so happy with it.

Thanks for staying with me during my little hiatus. I totally flunked out of NaBloPoMo, but I had good intentions initially. I'm anxious to share lots of info, so stay tuned. It's amazing how much can happen in a couple of weeks.

Happy Thanksigivng one and all!!


rachel said...

thanksgiving sure was fun! and delicious (:
the food was all really good and you did a good job with the turkey! im happy you liked the little placecards! you forgot to tell about me dropping the glitter all over bella! (: ahahaha that was too cute.
it was fun with the amount of guests we had. even though its small, there's always room for more! (:
thanks for a happy thanksgiving (:

Connie said...

Well, it's nice to see ya posting, chickee, and then to see Miss Rachel and all the family is just extra special! I ate till I popped! Gonna suffer for this one. Hah. But today is an easy day.....going to take my daughter to that nursery and then just kick back.
Smooches to all,

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Looks like you had a Fabulous Thanksgiving....Your table looks wonderful....and all the goodies look so yummy....Just came by to wish you a wonderful day and Happy Thanksgiving....
Mo :-0
Your new lamp is beautiful and looks great in your room...It is so much fun to treat yourself once in a while !!!!!

storyteller said...

Your Thanksgiving dinner and gathering look festive and delightful! Thanks for sharing ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

myaliasgigi said...

Sounds like you had a really lovely
Thanksgiving, I love the photos..

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I was wondering what happened to you! That new lamp is just too cute!I love love lamps !

Kay said...

I've been away, too, doing this and that. I guess there's a lot of this and that at this time of year. Your Thanksgiving table is just gorgeous and the food looks fabulous! Wow!

Sherri said...

Joyce, it looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Our family did as well!

Glenda said...

Your thanksgiving looked yummy.

I got stuffed fuller than the bird.


Rhondi said...

Hi Joyce
Just wanted tolet you know I won't be doing thankful Thursday for Dec. I'm only home 7 days all month!
Hugs, Rhondi