Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Mother's Love

This is a picture of my mother. Her name is Esther. My mother always loved her name because she was told she was named after Queen Esther in the Bible and she felt very honored to be named after a Queen. That's probably the reason why she has chosen to live her life as a Queen, well, at least in her opinion!! This picture was taken on my mother's 80th birthday.

I have always been very close to my mother - probably the closest to her of her three daughters. We always understood each other and could talk for hours and hours. When I was a young girl in high school, my friends could never understand how I could have such a close relationship with my mother. She was always my best friend. I always felt I could tell her anything and she would always give me tips and hints on make-up, fashion and homemaking, but never on cooking. My mother always hated to cook and never made a secret of that fact.

We would always have fun together. We could laugh and laugh and we enjoyed doing the same type of things, like talking, shopping and going out to eat!! She would always have to have "just a taste" of whatever I was eating even though I detest anyone eating off my plate.

I always knew my mother and I had a very special bond, though I never realized the depth of her love until I became a mother. From as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a mother and I always wanted a little girl so I could hopefully have the same relationship with my daughter as I always had with my mother. Fortunately, I was so blessed.

At the conclusion of elementary school, we had a traditional graduation ceremony with a cap and gown, yearbook and class ring. When I graduated 8th grade, I asked my mother to sign my year book. My mother wrote, "This above all, to thine own self be true". Initially I did not understand the significance of those words. Now they mean so very much to me and those words guide me in my daily actions.

Mothers can play such an important role in our lives, especially in those formative years. I thank my beautiful mother for giving me such a wonderful start and for showing me how truly wonderful a mother's love can be.


rachel said...

this is such a beautiful post. im sure your mother would love this if she sees this. and i like that little part about me in there! (: aw, i love you~!~<3

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a wonderful relationship it sounds like you have. Not to many people have that kind of closeness with their mother as they grow up. Often it's not until they are gone that we see just how much we really did love them.

Your mom is so pretty. She looks like a very classy lady.


Kay said...

Joyce, I can now see where you and Rachel get your good looks from. Your mom is really beautiful both inside and out. How wonderful to have such a special relationship. You are truly blessed.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Oh my Joyce . Your mother is a very beautiful woman for her age.She is remarkable. So pretty.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

What a beautiful lady. You are both very fortunate to have each other and share such a wonderful relationship.

Deb said...

Such a beautiful post for your Mum!

Glenda said...

Your mother is very pretty.

I too had a wonderful relationship with my mother. I wish I could talk to her now. Since she passed 5 years ago, I can only talk to out loud with hopes she hears me.

She was always great with my friends. Some even called her mom. She'd even talk to them sometimes for a while if they called and I wasn't home. Even boyfriends liked talking to her. She had a lot of wisdom and she didn't judge you.

So lucky to have your mom around still to talk to.


jeanne said...

Joyce, what a beautiful tribute to your mother. She is beautiful at eighty. How wonderful that you had such a lovely bond to your mom. She had to be special to have a loving nature that encouraged your relationship. I love what she wrote in your autograph book. I loved my mom too.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
What a lovely post!! Your mom is so beautiful and your relationship is absolutely incredible! I am so happy that you are so close to her. That's a relationship that many a girl envies.
Thanks for sharing something so dear to you Joyce!
Big hugs, Sherry

Connie said...

Beauty certainly runs in YOUR family, sweetpea!! Rachel has changed her icon/logo!!! Hey, Rach, how ya doing, little chickee???
Smooches to a gorgeous family,

myaliasgigi said...

Joyce -
What a nice tribute to your mom.You should show your mother what you wrote. From a person who lost her mom and dad to young, I would love to say those words "I Love you" just one more time.It's really best to share everything you can with her now, and later you will have no regrets...Again, this blog was a beautiful tribute to your mom and to you!

Gratitude Gal said...

Your mother is absolutely beautiful! I love this piece.
Now I know a little more about where you came from and I love knowing this about you.

Rue said...

Hi Joyce :)

This was a beautiful tribute to your very beautiful mom.