Sunday, November 2, 2008


I have agreed to participate in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I have only just recently heard of this and thought it would be fun. For some of my favorite blogs that I always visit, this would be nothing for them, as they usually post every day anyway. This is a big deal for me and I've already messed up as it is for the month of November and I already missed yesterday. Ugh!!

I have joined a group of writers that are participating in NaBloPoMo. Topics have been put together, should one need some daily inspiration for thoughts from the heart and soul, though the slate is clear to fill as you choose. I also would like to thank Sandy, from Sandy's Notes, for sparking my interest.

Writing has always been a passion of mine, though I do not cultivate it as I should. We all have wonderful things to say and we express ourselves in a variety of ways. I am looking forward to writing from my heart this month. For those that take a moment to read my thoughts, I thank you.

The thought for today is changing something in my life if I had the guts to do it. I am a very positive, optimistic person. I could have incredible things going on in my life, but I do not let negative things influence my outlook on life. I don't know why I am the way I am. It's not like I make a conscious decision each day to think positively. It's just something I do without even thinking about it. Life is so much easier when you face it head-on. Your attitude is everything. You can have a good day or you can have a bad day. It is what you choose, regardless of what lies in your path.

So how do you motivate a person to think positively and do something that would be good for them? Is it just a matter of a personal opinion? Is what I think would be good for someone exactly that, just what I think? Can you encourage someone to be motivated to succeed at something or does it come entirely from within each individual? I think it does. And that is a hard thing for me to accept.


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
I think it comes from within. It's something that each person has deep inside of them that helps them look at things in a good light rather than a dim one. We can sometimes influence others to take the brighter side of life but for the most part I think it's internal. Great post Joyce!! Great thought provoking subject!
Hugs, Sherry

Cherie said...

Excellent questions, Joyce.

I look forward to our journey together on NaBloPoMo!

Kay said...

I rather think it comes from within. And yet.... you know... there were my first graders who could be motivated by my enthusiasm for their accomplishment. So I guess it's a combination.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I keep trying to motivate my grand children to succeed in life. I worry about them, it's going to be a tough world for them and they need to learn everything they can to succeed.

myaliasgigi said...

I also believe you make your day with attitude but sometimes people can knock you down and change it during the day,but I try. You always seem to find the "Good" in everything which is a wonderful quality in a person..I still work at JFK so that says it all Joyce, you know what I mean.

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Joyce ~ I would think it comes from within, but there are many people who can influence you throughout your lifetime.

Wonderful post!


deanna said...

Hello, Joyce. These are good questions; I agree with Michele that there's likely a combination of innate tendencies and influence from others. Looks like you have great kids. I'm eager to reading more of your posts.

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

Hi Joyce,
I was reading your comments and I agree with them....It dose come from within...but on the other hand motavation is a kick start on there part.....
Thank you so much for your sweet sweet comment about my slip cover project....You are the best....
Mo :-)