Monday, November 3, 2008

Until You Walk In My Shoes . . .

I started to write a post tonight about jewelry, but it just didn't seem right. My mind kept wandering to our two candidates for President of the United States. I cannot imagine how they feel at this moment. The emotions they have dealt with leading up to this moment, the night before the turning point of their lives.

Did they wish to become President when they were little boys growing up? Do little boys even dream of being President any more?

Our two candidates have travelled so many miles these past few days, have smiled so many smiles and have slapped bravado on their sleeves. They believe in themselves and they want us to know it. Each wants our vote. Each believes that they can do the better job. Each has devoted so much to the winning of this election.

Who will win? We can guess, but we do not know for sure. Someones dreams will be realized tomorrow night and someones hopes will be dashed. They have put themselves out there for all to see - every piece of them. Could you do that? Could you open yourself up for the world to see, to adulate, to criticize? The emotional roller coaster that each has had to endure is unimaginable to me.

I give both of them credit. They have each waged a battle. They are just like you and me, you know. One will be over-the-top happy tomorrow and one will be very, very disappointed. Personally, I'm not sure which will be better - to win or to lose.

Yes, I know who I will vote for tomorrow. Am I right or am I wrong? Who knows? Either way, our next President of the United States of America will have my support because I would not want to walk in their shoes.


Kay said...

I agree that I can't imagine what these two men have had to go through. They are both very courageous and motivated men. I know who I'm going to vote for also. However, by the time I vote in Hawaii, I think most people will have a good idea who's going to win. They will need everybody's help to get out of the horrible mess we're in right now.

cecily said...

i voted on facebook, but i don't think that counts. ;-)

Thanks for popping by my blog Joyce. I imagine we'll see each other around these parts a bit more with Nablopomo!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
Yes I'm voting today! And I'm thankful for the right to freely vote for my choice!! But it's not an easy choice this time. But I WILL cast my ballot today! Great thought provoking post!!

I have an award for you! Please stop by to pick it up!!

hug, Sherry

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I wouldn't do it. It's an extremely difficult job where when things go wrong you get all the blame and when they go right you get none of the credit.

I think that's why we seldom get the best people wanting the job. But we'll be okay; this is still the best place on the planet to live.

myaliasgigi said...

I have been thinking the same thing all day, their lives will be altered, changed for ever! I could not understand how they feel, scared, emotional, lucky, or unlucky..Only they know and I would not want to be in their shoes for anything! I wish who ever wins all the luck in the world because they have alot to fix and they will need it!

Sandy's Notes said...

You know, I think of this kind of stuff too. Obama looked so tired last night, McCaine was running from state to state. I don't know how they do it.