Monday, February 10, 2014

My Front Door

I'm having lots of fun with The Documented Life Project.  I've been working on it steadfastly and figured it was time to show some of my progress.  The very first week we were given the prompt of "my front door".  You could use your own door, draw a door you wish you had or whatever inspired you having to do with a door.  I chose to use my own front door.  It's nothing fancy, though I love my door.  I remember going to Home Depot and Lowes to pick out a new front door a couple of years ago.  I wanted a door with a window to let light into my dark living room.  I fell in love with this door.  We bought it and had my brother-in-law install it.  I love when I walk up to it when I come home.  At night, my stained glass lamp inside reflects so nicely through the glass.  I also love sitting inside looking out, watching my palm tree sway  with the gentle breezes.

I then decided on the inside spread to add little houses to signify the seven different homes I have lived in during my lifetime.  The quote on the right says, "There's No Place Like Home".  The butterflies were incorporated to add the Journal 52 prompt of "Up, Up and Away".  It's fun to try to work the two prompts into my weekly planner.

This is really turning into a fun project for me.  Can't say that I totally love what I've come up with each week but it's fun to play around with the different pages, a little here, a little there, until it is something I love.  And I'm totally loving the process!


Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hi Joyce!

It's me, Sherry, from Edie Marie's Attic! It was such a nice surprise to see your kind comment. I'm doing very good, just turned 65 and am glad I'm in as good a health as I am. My hubby & I are enjoying retirement as much as we can. We seem to be a refuge for relatives with special needs. Right now we've been helping hubby's sister try to come back from pancreatic/liver cancer surgery for the past year. She is back in the hospital, liver not functioning as it should. Please pray for Linda, she needs lots of prayers right now.

I am sharing a blog with a dear blog friend, Marie. She can no longer do the tech part of blogging like writing and typing so I do that for her. We've now combined into one blog, Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie. You can find us @ http://tonidolls/ .Please stop by and visit!! My blog had a personal "attack" on it be a relative (not a nice thing) and I decided to put it on hold and remove all my links off of it. But when one door closes God opens another, Marie needed my help.

I hope you are well and enjoying life. LOVE your journal you're creating. It's looking fabulous Joyce!!

Blessings always, Edie Marie

Anonymous said...

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