Friday, January 3, 2014


Here we are!  2014!!  Focus is my word for the year.  I want to enjoy life's moments and not rush on to the next moment.  Focus.   It's a perfect word for 2014.

I truly loved this holiday season.  This was the first Christmas since I was a kid where nothing was on the agenda.  We took our time and cherished every moment of the day.  We have had family and friends over on Christmas Day for as long as I can remember.  This year, it was just the four of us.  We slept in, had breakfast at noon and opened gifts at 1.  We didn't stress about getting the wrappings cleaned up because company was coming.  We put the turkey in the oven at 2, snacked all afternoon and had a nice dinner.  We listened to music and danced in the kitchen while the kids "played" with their new iPads by the tree.  

The day after Christmas was spent at the beach.  It truly was the best holiday season in a long time.  Contentment is  a beautiful thing.  Life is short.  We must enjoy the moments.  Happy New Year!