Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful to God for giving me the strength to take care of our new little puppy that I introduced in the post below. Bella is a little cutie, but very time consuming. I am totally exhausted as it is pretty much non-stop, but she is a good little pooch. I've been taking her to work because she is too young to be alone until Rachel gets home at 3:15pm. I feed her at 7am before I leave for work, she sleeps until lunchtime, eats and then sleeps again until we get home around 5:30pm. I wake her up at 11pm before I go to bed to feed her again so she will sleep through the night. Yes, it sounds very organized, but I'm tired. I'm hoping next week I can leave her home because it would just be easier at work if she wasn't there. Bella has really progressed a lot this week. Her eyes are fully open and she is a little wobbly, but walking so much better. She is so cute to watch as she explores this new world she is in. This may be a crazy thing to be my Thankful Thursday post, but I always write what I feel at the moment, and this is what I'm feeling now.

Thank you to Rhondi ( for encouraging us to express our thankfulness each Thursday. Be sure to visit Rhondi's blog and click her Thankful Thursday link on her sidebar to get a nice little dose of thankfulness from many others.


Anonymous said...

You poor thing, just hearing how much work you do for Bella exhausts
me but I know you do it for her because your getting so attached and how could you not. I can't wait to see how she grows. Also how
Lacie get' along with her.

Rhondi said...

The puppy is adorable!
Hugs, Rhondi

rachel said...

i am thankful for god giving bella to us. she will be a fun little sister for lacie and me! she is growing so well, and i just want her to stay wittle forwever!!!!

Kay said...

Hi Joyce, Could you stop by my blog to pick up your award. You are wonderful!


Oh...she is just too cute and I;m gald that you are taking such good care of her. Looking forward to seeing new pictures.Have fun !!

Whitney said...

awww...Bella is a good thing to be thankful for..she is adorable!! Miss you and can't wait to see you !!!<3

AnneH said...

Joyce, your new puppy is absolutely adorable. Sounds like a lot of work, but definately worth it. Thank you for the comment you left me.

Karen's friend in NJ