Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Beautiful Rainbow

I was lucky to catch a beautiful rainbow from my office window this morning.

There's a double rainbow on the right in this next shot, but it's a little difficult to see.

I'm having fun learning all the little tricks with my new laptop. Rachel was having fun with the webcam this evening. There are lots of fun effects you can add to photo's you take with the webcam. I love all these gadgets . . . after Rachel shows me how to use them!!

Our "virtual" photo of us in the City. Pretty neat!


Peggy said...


Love your rainbows. I enlarged the second photo and I think I saw the second one.
Glad to have you back,Being off of commission is frustrating to say the least. Nice that you have your daughter around for help. I miss mine.
Your web picture is so cool.
I have a webcam and I have neve used it! You have inspired me to check it out!

Sherri said...

Love the rainbows and I love the picture of you and Rachel!

Cheryl said...

Nice photos, especially of you and your daughter. I have a new laptop and still haven't figured out the webcam! I can't seem to get Ashton to "hold still" long enough when she is home to help me with it, thats one of the reasons I bought my laptop!

Kay said...

Ooooh! Two beautiful girls. I love it.