Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where For Art Thou?

Don't know why I've had such a hard time blogging lately. It's not like I don't have things to write about. I've been busy - going places, doing things, creating, rearranging. Perhaps I'm too busy? I've been reading blogs, but not commenting much. I guess I'm just in a blog-slump. I have great items I've been collecting for my giveaway that I've spoken about. Now I need to get my act together and post about it. Giveaways are such fun! They strengthen the bonds of friendship.

In a recent issue of Somerset Life, I was reading an article written by Rebecca Sower. Have you visited her blog? Visit her here. She said that there are so many things she could blog about, but she sticks to the creative part of her life because that's what her readers want. I'm all over the place. Is that my problem? I can't analyze it. I love my blog - though I want to make it prettier. I love to blog - though I haven't been good about it lately. I like writing about whatever strikes me as interesting on any given day. And I guess that's the way it shall be. Happy Tuesday!


KeKe said...

Hello Joyce~
Well you shouldn't feel obligated to post everyday. Post when you feel like it or post once a week and showcase a new creative project you're wokring on or what your kids are doing.
I've the same way these days-busy, busy, busy!
And we *might* be moving back to Florida this summer (It's a toss up between WPB & Orlando at this point)...it's not for sure yet, but we are working to make it happen. Ga. is not working out, at all.
Well, take care~See you soon!!
Love, Kelly

Sherri said...

Hi Joyce. I don't blog everyday. I'm just happy when you do! Take care!

Kay said...

I'm all for posting about whatever strikes your fancy. That's definitely what I do. I could never stick to one theme. Now you know how scatterbrained I am.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joyce!!
So glad to have you over on my blog!! I love blogging & have been only doing it for a few months!
I hope we can have a warm blogging friendship!!


Hi Joyce!!!
When I first started my blog...I had no idea where it would take me and wondered what I would talk about...I just let it flow! I have noticed more gals like the decorating/idea parts..and that's fine..and of course, giveaways...Just do your own thing and please don't worry about it!! It should be FUN!.
Deb :)