Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Summertime

I thought I'd be relieved when school was over. I thought life would be a little easier, less of a commitment to get somewhere by a certain time. I thought there would be relaxing summer nights, gabbing outside with my sister, watching the birds come home for the night. But nooooooo. "Mom, can you take me here?" "Mom, we're all going to Janie's." "Mom, can you take us to the beach?" "Mom, can you take us to the mall?" "Mom, can you pick me up at 11:30pm when Lindsay's birthday party is over?" "Mom, there's volleyball practice tomorrow. I need knee pads." "Mom, can I sleep over Vickie's?" "Mom, can we go to Walgreen's for the new Seventeen magazine?" School's not even out for a week and I'm exhausted already!!

Can I change my name?? Can I tell you how I'm counting the days until my darling daughter goes to visit my other sister in New Jersey for three weeks, count em . . . three weeks!!!!! At least I don't have to rush around in the morning like a madwoman trying to get the dear to school by 7:15am. I don't have to worry about making nutritious meals as soon as I walk in the door. I don't have to worry about homework or studying for exams, uh, hers, not mine. No more track meets, after school study groups or signing this or that which must be handed in yesterday, or $5 here, $10 there, and the yearbook is only $85.
Yes, I know. It will soon be over. Freshman year flew by in a flash and I know the next three years will zip by also. For now, I'll try to enjoy the sweet summertime. Pina colada anyone?


Sherri said...

There were plenty of times I wish I could change my name too when the girls lived home! I hear you Joyce. Just keep thinking of the 3 weeks when you'll be home by yourself and enjoying your pina coladas!

KeKe said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean~
Joyce, I'll be down for the July 4th weekend~I hope to meet up with you then~
Hang in there....or should I say "hang ten"?

Jo, a retired teacher said...

From my perspective you are very lucky. I would love to have one or both of my sons around again for a while. They grow up and leave home in just a blink; then you'll be wishing you had something to fill your days. Funny how that works.

Michele said...

Yes, they will fly by Joyce! I actually miss those the house is very quiet...eerie!

Have a great week!

Joy said...

I soooo know what you mean Joyce!

myaliasgigi said...

I know you Joyce and I just have one thing to say to you.....

You'll Miss her when she is gone!!

Because you will!

Kay said...

Time does have that habit of flying. Take a wonderful breather and yes, enjoy those pina coladas. I love that peaceful photo. You can always go there in your mind. :-)

Glenda said...

Those days are behind me, but boy do I remember them well.

Enjoy the time you'll have for 3 weeks.

Happy Summer !

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I know what you mean...enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Had some time to do some blog hopping...always enjoy finding new blogs!
Hope you will visit me. This month I am posting on our Disney trip.