Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Much To Say

First of all, is this not the cutest???

I'm not ready to hit the highways or byways just yet, so Rachel is practicing driving in the church parking lot across the street from us. It's fun, well at least for Rachel. I'm still jumping and braking and breathing heavy, but it's cool.

Next, remember how I was kinda looking forward to Rachel going to visit my sister in New Jersey? Well, the day came and she's off . . . Here's a shot of Rachel and my sister, Lisa, getting ready to board. They flew up together to my other sister, Carol.

Logan is on his way to Lake Erie tomorrow with friends. My darling son is amazing in many ways, but he's always gotta be doing something to kinda drive me nuts. He went through the long hair stage in high school and I so totally hated it. He finally cut it right before graduation last year. I was thrilled. Not to last, though, of course! He looks like a mountain man in this picture at the airport when Rachel was leaving. I always cut the top of his head off in pictures. I'm 5'2"; he's 6'5".
He decided to spruce himself up for his trip tomorrow so he cut his hair. Yeah!

But, Logan!!! You forgot to get rid of the hair on your face!!!! Ugh!

So now that I have ten days without children, I have incredible plans! I'm so excited! I have a really cool purchase that I will be making on Saturday, which I will share with you then. And I plan on creating! I have been buying so many supplies that my cupboards are overflowing. Now I need to use them and I cannot wait.

If you want some inspiration, go check out Jennalee at Artrageous Afternoon. She's looking to see if anyone is interested in her newest creative swap. I think it looks like a lot of fun. She hosted the Easter Egg Swap not too long ago and I still can't bring myself to put those darling eggs away!!

Next, I joined my first E-Zine that Teresa McFayden offers. It starts next Monday and it's called, "A Journal of Interest" and looks to be a lot of fun. Teresa is a very talented lady and has much to offer at her Paper Bella Studio.

I'm looking forward to my "me" time. I don't get much of it and I'm one of those people that's always thinking of others and not enough of myself. I am now going to be selfish. I can't wait!! And I'll share all the details with you, so stay tuned . . .


KeKe said...

You deserve it! Can't wait to see what you do now...Your daughter looks to young to drive :) and your son is way more handsome with a trimmer look...but hey, if the girls dig it, thats all that matters to him, I guess? :)

Connie said...

Rachel will do just fine, MOM!! You, however, will be a wreck. LOL Smooches for that cutie pie.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Have a wonderful "holiday."

Do our sons sometimes do stuff like that just to see our reactions? I'm not fond of beards either, but I'll bet he tires of it soon--or some cute girl will tell him how cute he'd look without it. That'll do it.

Anonymous said...

Relax & Enjoy your time!
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Glenda said...

10 Days alone, wow. I remember that time last year, 3 mos without my son at home. It was fantastic.

Rachel sounds like a girl with her head attached to her body and not in the clouds. Cute too.

Sounds like your son just likes to express himself, at least it's not a mohawk.....


Cheryl and Ashton said...

Your photo and post remind me alot of my daughter and myself! Ashton has just graduated from high school 3 weeks ago. We have had our blog for 10 months or so and dedicated most of it to her Senior year in High School. It was nice to find your blog, I can relate to so much!

Kay said...

Have a terrific time, Joyce! You have very beautiful children. I'm always telling my son to shave, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

What is it about the kids and tha facial hair? Mine are all going through that stage too! Very glad that the beginning drivers days are over for me. I think it must have cut ten years off my life. Very cute daughter!

Sandy's Notes said...

Enjoy your "me" time, it's precious. My son is also 6'5" and he too went through the long hair stage. Something about tall men and long hair that makes the hair look even bigger! Anyway, he's short hair now. After his long hair escapade he shaved his head. I'm not sure which was worse.

Just remember tall men are naturally more successful. I wonder if they know that? Your daughter btw, is absolutely beautiful!

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I remember when my son went through the long hair thing. Now he shaves his head ! LOL . HAng in there , you'll make it kid !!