Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Blog Layout

How do you like my new layout? I really loved my old one - the taupe background with the bouquet of red roses. I wanted a three column blog and my daughter found this one for me. We think it looks nice and light and airy for this time of year. I'm not thinking that I want to change the look for the seasons, but I really wanted three columns and couldn't figure out how to do it without changing the whole thing. The worst part of this change was that I lost all my links and had to re-enter lots of info and I know I haven't added everything.

I really love blogging and I find it very interesting to read different things that people write. You can really get an idea of personalities by reading these blogs and there are a few people that I would choose as friends, if ever that opportunity presented itself. I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from the blogs I've read and I guess it's okay to use some of those idea's, isn't it? I love all the pictures and captions in some of the sidebars I've seen. I love the music. I love the lists. One could really spend a lot of time blogging. I feel I do not spend enough time, but I enjoy the time I spend.

What thrills me is that my enthusiasm for blogging has inspired others to take up this hobby as well. I welcome my daughter, Rachel, who has surpassed me by far, my Goddaughter, Whitney, who is leaving us for college very soon, and my dear friend, Karen, who also grew up in NJ and transplanted herself to East Florida as I have. Karen's daughter, Cassandra, may be starting a blog soon, and Whitney's friend, Jessica, has also hopped on board. It is such fun and it just adds to the blogs that I must check out frequently.
I truly enjoy my blogging time and getting to know new people and places, just like Lacie and Katie, as shown here. Thanks for your acquaintance and may we have many memorable times to come!!


Rachel* said...

Very cute post, as always. I love the picture of Lacie and Katie. They are just the sweetest. I am happy you posted, it's always fun to read about the thoughts that fill your mind! (:

Hope Go Blue said...

I like your new layout although I must admit I really liked your last one very much. Bummer about losing your info - I wonder why that happened? Lacie and Katie do look very cute and I liked your Naples sky photo. Later Gator...

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

LOVE the header!!!! Everything looks great!

M ^..^

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Joyce, I like your new look !

Joanne Kennedy said...

I really like your new layout. It's fun to have change once in awhile isn't it?

I love blogging to and have met a lot of wonderful people that if I didn't blog I would have never met.