Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Sanctuary

I recently half redid my bedroom. I love the way it looks and wanted to share a couple of pictures. I say "half" redid my room because I really need to remove the wallpaper and paint and just cannot bring myself to do it. I am not the greatest at removing wallpaper as I tend to gouge the walls in my impatience. Certainly not a virtue, I assure you.

My mother and I picked up this quilt, oh probably three years ago. I had it packed away and actually forgot about it until I was cleaning out a closet this past weekend and came across it. I washed it up, because I hate bed linens right out of the packaging. I did not have matching shams for the quilt, so I picked up some solid cream shams at Home Goods on Sunday.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

My Blogging CornerMy Dresser - part of which was shown in "Our Favorite Things" postMy Lingerie Chest and the Pitcher & Bowl I made in Ceramics class in 1983!!!Where I Sit in the Morning to Do Make-up and Jewelry My Snowbabies CollectionThe Books I LoveSilhouettes of my parents and my children (ignore the hangers hanging haphazardly)The slider to my balcony - a cozy place to sit and read - and another jewelry manequinThe pillow Hope, Whitney and Arielle brought me from Chinatown in California For any of you that read my daughters blog, - Rachel's Picture Perfect, you heard how we went school clothes shopping at Urban Outfitters. Rachel was the ecstatic recipient of 8 new tops, and if you've seen their prices, you'd be ecstatic too. Had to get myself something from Urban as well, right? I just love this pillow and it looks so pretty on the new quilt on my bed, along with my Chinatown pillow above.

So that's my space. I love the way it looks and am quite sure it will look even better when I finally take care of that wallpaper and paint that is in such desperate need of renewal. It makes me feel peaceful when I enter and that is a wonderful way to feel at any time of day.


Rachel* said...

Your room is so pretty! I love the renovating you have recently done, much more summery! and i love my 8 shirts!!!!!! and your pillows, snowbabies, drapes, and everything else!! but most importantly I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 (:

Whitney said...

WOW!!!!! I love the new layout of your room!! That new quilt is so pretty and it looks so good with all of your fun pillows(by the way I love the pillow from urban...I almost bought that one :)) And I love your little blogging corner..I like the computer better in that corner...And all of your decorations are just so beautiful and they make your room so cozy and inviting!! Can't wait to see you on Friday!!love ya!!

Connie said...

That's a sweet room and I completely understand about "removing wallpaper", sweet rachel's mom chick!! My theory is to hire someone to do THAT part of it (can we say teenagers here??!!) and do the wallpapering yourself!!

Yesssssssss, you can paint yucky looking brass but PRIME with Kilz spray first!! Spray and then spray - primer then paint. Easy as puttin' on socks, chick!

I sure wish we could get your pix to enlarge. Still thinking. Thought it could be your template but Rachel has the same template only with 2 columns and not 3. Maaaaybe that's the problem. Check with the designer of the template and see what she/he has to say about it, honey.

Smoochies.......for Rachel also,
Connie :-)

Chris said...

Your room is lovely. It looks comfortable and homey. The little collections & things you love make it a happy, serene place.

If I were close, I'd help with that wallpaper. It is a rotten job that is made so much better by having a friend! My friend & I did three bedrooms in her house, and by the end of the day we were so tired we would collapse in laughter over the littlest thing. Especially when the the paper on the last wall in the last room came off, just as it went up, in floor to ceiling strips, with just the slightest tug...

Rhondi said...

Hi Joyce
Hope you are participating in Thankful Thursay tomorrow. I have a photo of a daisy on my sidebar where readers can click and get a list of al the participants. Feel free to use the photo if you want. If you know how to get the words Thankful Thursday on a photo let me know!
Hugs, Rhondi

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
Thanks for coming to see me! I love your blog and am so glad to meet you! You have a beautiful bedroom and your new bed quilt is lovely. I kind of like stripes on the walls and it is a huge ugly job to take wallpaper down. Never a pretty time at our house! I love that darling lamp on your desk. I just found some old silhouettes of my sister & brother and dad recently and absolutely love that look! Yours are wonderful Joyce.
And that little dress form on your dresser is sooo cute! Yet another thing I love to see, normal size or little! Ok, I admit I really like a lot of things!!
I hope you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my newer blogs to check out list on my sidebar. Thanks for your sweet comments!
Hugs, Sherry

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I love your pillows and new bedding.

Thanks for stopping by.