Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Things I Love

There are several things around my house that I just love. You know that kind of thing that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy when you see it. Those things that you've had for what seems like forever, but you can vividly remember the when and where behind them.

I love this pink cat. I am not a cat person at all, but I love this cat. She probably holds a special place in my heart because she is pink and I do love pink. I bought this pink cat in Summit, New Jersey at a country-crafty type of store. I was pregnant with my son, Logan, at the time. It was a wonderful time of my life because I was so very excited about the coming birth of my first child. Remember when you were pregnant for the first time? I will never forget that time of my life. I had a great job located in downtown Summit, which if anyone has ever been there, you know it is a quaint old town with lots of character and lots of history. At lunchtime, my friends and I would browse through all of the unique shops to find treasures. This pink cat is a treasure of mine from that very special time in my life.

This cherub picture I bought from the Spiegle catalog - a gift for myself - the last Christmas without children. The year was 1989 and I just fell in love with this picture. It has been hanging in my bedroom ever since. The second photo includes the ceramic pitcher and bowl I made the year I got married - 1983. This also has been displayed in my room ever since.

My Norman Rockwell plaques were a gift from my mother before I was even married. I always loved anything Norman Rockwell and my mom was thrilled when she found these for me. It was hard to get a good picture of these, so they don't show real clearly, but hopefully you can get an idea of just how beautiful they are. They are hanging in my bathroom and each day I remember fondly the joy my mom had in giving them to me.

I love angels. Here are two more that I love. I must admit that I do not remember their history, but that I have loved them for years is history enough for me.

This angel I picked up at an estate sale not too long ago. I got her at the bargain price of 50 cents! She would look great with a mate, but there was none to be found. She holds a regal place near my front door. She blesses me each time I walk out the door.

My books! Oh how I love my books! I love decorating books. I love fiction books. I love motivational books. I love money-management books. I just love books!! They bring me peace. They bring me knowledge. They bring me contentment.

These are some of my favorite things that are very special to me. Thank you Rachel for taking these pictures for me. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my world and some of the things I love.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

I like that pink cat and the little angels! cute cute

Joanne Kennedy said...

Those are all great things to love.

I have to admit I have a few things I really enjoy but I don't' think there is anything in my house that I wouldn't give to someone if they REALLY wanted it. I've been known to do that several times. People rave about something or say they have always wanted something and I give it to them.

Even if it's something new I will. I think I treasure the smile it puts on someones face more then the item itself.


Chris said...

Hi Joyce! I always love it when someone shows off their favorite things. First it is always interesting to learn about other's treasures. Second it really tells alot about them! I can tell you just as sweet as you seem! BTW, I also LOVE Norman Rockwell, and your two pictures are favorites!

Have a great day, Chris

Whitney said...

I have seen all of these things in your house a thousand times and it is nice to now know the story behind them!! I didn't know that you made that pitcher! how cool! These are very nice favorite things! Miss you!!

myaliasgigi said...

I love these photos of your special "Things" it's nice to show what you have and also a little history on why you like them....it gave me the idea to do the same in one of my up coming blogs, I love seeing what people have and why they are so special.

emily said...

It's so nice to have things around you to bring you to a happy place. All your treasures are so cute! I also love books and have a collection of them.
Thanks for visiting my blog!

storyteller said...

Seeing some of the things you love in your surroundings was fun. Thanks for sharing. I've got books EVERYWHERE in my house ... and a few white Ikea bookcases that look just like yours ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

rachel said...

wow what great items
but the pictures have such great quality.

i wonder who took them?
oh right, ME! (: