Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A picture of where I like to sit and read

Here is a shot of the corner of my living room where I love to sit and read. I can see the television if I want; I can view the patio if something interesting catches my eye and I can see my dining room which I think is so pretty.


{oc cottage} said...

Keep it up...it gets easier! :)

M ^..^

Glenda said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. As you do it more and more it does get easier. If you would like to change your blog template you can visit this site : http://www.pyzam.com/bloggertemplates/all/newest/50/14
Or if your not afraid you can only change the background. It just take's practice.
Good luck and come by to visit anytime.


Anonymous said...

Your corner looks peaceful. And with an angel sittig near you to help you along the way. Enjoy the view and have a great day. I really enjoyed reading and learning about you and your interest.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful place to enjoy a good book! Beautiful blog!


Hope Go Blue said...

Hi Joyce! I'm so proud of you and your blog. It is awesome. Love it love it!!
Maybe we can put in some pictures of our jewelry creations!!!! Your best bud, Hope

Unknown said...


I guess now I have to admit that I can not let Hope be behind. SHE IS GETTING A NEW COLORFUL computer to start blogging. I love your idea. Good luck!


Unknown said...

P.S. Joyce I have to agree with your choice of color. Red looks always the best.


Hope Go Blue said...

hey Mrs. Joyce its arielle i love your blog its really pretty. you have done such agood job it looks really good. love, arielle

Rachel Cumiskey said...

Hello Joyce. I'm new to this blogger website. Come over and check out my blog. Any tips? I'm trying to make my blog better than it is, but its hard when you don't know how to do it!! :)