Monday, April 6, 2009

My Easter Trinkits

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved holidays. I once loved the dressing up part of holidays. Now I love dressing up my home. Are these not adorable little bunnies?

This little arrangement is on my coffee table in the living room. Here's another view.

My mom bought these chicks and bunnies for me about thirty years ago. Geeze, that makes me sound pretty darn old. I guess maybe she was pregnant with me at the time. Yeah, that sounds good!!
This little bunny family sits atop my television armoire watching over us.

A co-worker handmade these bunnies for me at the first hospital I ever worked at in East Orange, New Jersey, ummm, back in 1978. Yep, older than dirt, don't I know it!

The tall bunny in the photo below of my dining room table was a recent find for me. I saw her at Home Goods this weekend and her poor little ear was off. Fortunately it was lying right beside her. I found a wonderful Home Goods employee who reduced her to $5.00. I'm going to encircle her ear with tiny pearls to cover the area, once I glue her ear back in place. She is a lovely addition to my collection of Easter goodies.

Here's a close up of the little bunny and chick egg holders on my dining room table. They're so cute, you just have to see them up close!
Have you seen The Farm Chicks new cookbook? It is luscious!!! This Easter basket I made in ceramics in 1985 and is just so patiently awaiting the arrival of the Easter bunny with lots of goodies for good little girls and boys. Hmmm. Do I have any of those at my house this year?

A couple weeks ago, Deb, our Garage Sale Gal, said something about a vintage plaid lunchbox. Turns out to be a replica of the one I carried to school each day as a little girl. I was pleased as punch when my purchase from Deb arrived last Saturday. It took no time at all to set up my new treasure in my kitchen. This lunchbox brings back warm memories from days gone by and cozies up my kitchen too!
I decided to enter the April Mind Wide Open challenge. There's no turning back now as I've already submitted my entry. Nerves and confidence rattling - can you hear it too? Wednesday is the official posting day, so I'll share my creation with you then.

I've been busy decorating and creating. What glorious fun!! We're supposed to have fun, right?



Hi Joyce,
Nice Easter trinkets!!! The yellow chicks are so sweet.
Your lunchbox looks perfect on your counter:)
I hope your Easter ceramic baskets gets some treats put into it:)
Happy Easter.
Deb :)

Glenda said...

How nice to have things that have memories. I loved the lunch boxes we use to carry. There is a certain smell that comes from them that brings memories.


Sherri said...

Joyce, I love the Easter decorations you've put out! I have to tell you I had that very same kind of lunchbox when I was little. Actually that was my first lunchbox until I got a Barbie one for Christmas! Thanks for bringing back memories!!

Sandi said...

You have lots of Easter trinkets! Love the plaid lunchbox too. I wish I could remember what kind I carried. I am getting so forgetful!! Will have to ask my mum.

rachel said...

i believe you do have a good girl and a good boy at your house this year! and every year! :) haha
your easter decorations are oh-so cute! all of our holiday decor is cute! and its so much fun finding a place for everything, even though you have your spots already picked out!!
the lunch box is a cute child memory and the mind wide open challenge you submitted is beautiful. i can't wait for everyone else to see it too!!

elllo connie:)

Kay said...

I just love all your adorable bunnies! They all look so wonderful and just lifts you up and feel ready for spring.

myaliasgigi said...

I love your Trinkets Joyce, you always have such a "Touch" with Holiday Trinkets.