Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have several trees up now. Here is the Victorian tree in my bedroom.

I love the ornaments on this tree.

The angel at the top is just perfect for this tree.

This is the tree I have on the server in my dining room.

This next tree was to be my Key West tree, but I did not have enough tropical ornaments. Since I couldn't really justify purchasing a lot of new tropical ornaments, I picked up some inexpensive small ornaments to adorn it until I can get the ones I really want. I think it looks nice next to my china cabinet.

I wish I had the time and energy to get all my holiday decorating done at one time, but since I really have an over-abundance of Christmas decorations, I must do it in stages. Here is a little snowman collection.

And a favorite of Rachel's each year, her Barbie carousel that plays a variety of traditional Christmas carols.

I have one gigundo container left to go through and this is a good one, full of little elves, adorable misteltoes (wait till you see that), angels, and other fun things I've been accumulating for years. I just love Christmas decorations. They are fun to have around me and fun to share with you!!

Tomorrow after work I need to bake and finalize the pictures I will be including in the scrapbook I am working on for my brother. And I have jewelry, jewelry, jewelry to make. So much to do, but I just love this time of year and everything that goes into making it a special time for one and all.


Kay said...

You are just amazing, Joyce! I just love looking at your decorations. What fun!

Glenda said...

I put my tree up today. It's small so it doesn't take much time to decorate it.

I'm going to Wal-Mart and see about a table top tree.


Sandy's Notes said...

Gosh all these decorations make me want to come over and visit so I can see it all together. Wonderful decorating.

Jewelry? You have to show us what you make.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
I love all your Christmas decorations! So lovely!!
Hope your holiday season is going good for you and you're enjoying every moment!
Big hugs, Sherry

myaliasgigi said...

Joyce I love your decorations,they are so diffrent.You really have a way with decorating.I just love looking at peoples decorating ideas. Everyone has the own unique ways of doing it and I love yours.!

Joy said...

Everything is so pretty Joyce. I love that tree next to the display/curio cabinet. :o)

Connie said...

I would love to have a little tree in my bedroom but there simply isn't enough room in there, sweetpea!! BUT I love the ornies on that tree. Of course, Miss Rachel would love the carousel as she is a sweetheart.
Smooches for her please,

rachel said...

those trees look really great and you did an awesome job photographing them!! (:
thats okay about the key west tree, the cute and colorful snowmen and gold, silver and white balls make it look sort of classy, i love it! and i love all our decorations! and my carousel!!! (: and wait till you post the mistletoe! aha i know just what your talking about (;

Myrna said...

Hi Joyce! Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments..
yeah, ankles can be a bit of a drag, can't they? Thanks for the advice--I am doing what my PT tells me to do.
Your home is lovely--I especially love the Victorian Tree--my favorite style!

storyteller said...

I enjoyed seeing all your wonderful decorations and your tree. It looks very festive ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Hi Joyce,
Your trees are so pertty and I'm thinking a smaller tree might be in order for next year.
You are welcome for the gifts:)
Merry Christmas to You.

Leon Basin said...


Whitney said...

The decorations look great!! I love the tree in your bedroom...i haven't seen that one before!!! I also love the keywest looks so cute!! You and Rachel are just the two best decorators!! The house always looks so great!! Can't wait to see you guys!! I look forward to spending christmas with you all year long!! It is such a fun tradition!! <3 and miss you!!!!!