Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nine Days To Go . . .

I really give credit to all of the "regular" bloggers who manage to keep up with daily posts during this busy time. I just cannot do it! I have probably baked at least 20 dozen cookies so far, if not more. Rachel had two cookie exchanges, which were lots of fun. Last night I finally finished the scrapbook I've been working on as a gift for my brother. I must get my out-of-town gifts packaged up so I can get them in the mail to ensure Christmas delivery. And I haven't even started making the jewelry I need to make yet!! But I'm feeling good, happy, peaceful and content during this wonderful time of the year!!

I wanted to take a moment to give you an update on our little Bella, the puppy we got in late August. Remember Bella? She was l lb. 6 oz. about a week after this picture was taken. We were bottle feeding her at the time.

Bella got her first grooming this past Saturday. I'm sure you will agree, it was well-deserved!! This is her "before" picture with Al, the groomer.

She cleaned up nicely!!

Bella has definitely secured her place as a member of our family. She frolicks with Lacie and is probably the aggressor, but I do believe Lacie has finally come around to liking this new puppy she has to share space with. Lacie has been teaching Bella "the ropes" and Bella is doing great with keeping back when growled at, staying away from the table at dinner time and knowing what to do where when outside. They run around the house like wild animals until they drop together from sheer exhaustion until one spots a glint in the others eye and then they jump up and do it all over again!

Hope everyone is enjoying this time of year and getting done all of those things that you need and want to do. I've been thoroughly enjoying my favorite bloggers posts and am very impressed with your ability to do it all! Keep up the good work! Hopefully it will wear off on me!!!


Jo, a retired teacher said...

You have been busy, and I don't know how some bloggers do manage to do the things they do. I still have shopping and mailing to do, and I usually give cookies to family members. However, I haven't made a thing. I also don't have a single decoration in my house (but I haven't been home since Dec. 1, and we're flying to South Carolina on the 20th).

You have done very well; your home seems filled with lovely holiday spirit.

Joy said...

Did Bella enjoy her grooming? She looks so well put together. Even in the before photo, she wore her extra fur well!

rachel said...

the pictures are all so very cute!! (: bella looks so much better now that she has a nice pretty haircut! in the before picture she looks like a VERY fuzzy little stuffed animal! and she was so tiny when we got her! i didn't even realize how mush shes grown! cute post!

hello to connie! (:

countrygirl3031 said...

oh my goodness, Bella sure has grown! She's such a doll!

I know I'm not very good at keeping up with the blogs either. I try at work to look at a few, but lately it's been so busy, I have to rely on doing it at night!


Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!
I also am having a hard time keeping up! I have some things auto posting or there's no way I could do it.
Little Bella & Lacey are so adorable!! Bella looks so adorable with her new haircut.
Have a fabulous Christmas Joyce!!
Holiday hugs, Sherry

Connie said...

Trying to catch up on 93 posts, chickee!! Smooch Miss Rachel for me. She's lookin' good, mama, and that groomer isn't bad looking at all either!! Hah.... I'm old but not blind!
Smooches for all,

Karen said...

Joyce I love the photos of Bella and Lacie. I saw the picture of Al and I said "OMG" that is my Groomer, it's so funny. I know you gave me the name but I didn't know it was the same guy that did both of ours..But Bella is adorable, he looks so Happy and proud of his cut, like he is "All That"

Kay said...

Bella looks absolutely adorable. What a gorgeous puppy. She almost looks like one of those stuffed animals you see at FAO Swartz.
I'm trying to do my blogging at night. Hmmm...I should go to bed now. I do have a number of things I need to do.

Jill of All Trades said...

How very cute. I love little baby anythings...so cute. My baking starts today so quick blog and off to the oven. Love the pic's.