Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Recent Finds

I have been so inspired by the numerous blogs I've been reading that I am setting a goal for myself of posting on a more regular basis. I often wonder if what I think I want to say would be interesting to others that may happen upon my blog. Would they want to return? I've come to the conclusion that I enjoy so many blogs with whatever is posted that I might as well just go for it. Hopefully someone will enjoy and want to come back. So, here I go.

I love table runners. I have numerous table runners. I think this weekend I will "play house" and dress up my table with some of the different runners I have and accessorize my table accordingly. I shall start with my newest runner below. I just purchased this at TJ Maxx this past weekend at a bargain price of $7.99. I added a beautiful bone china tea pot that my mother brought me back from Bermuda many, many years ago. At the time I wasn't thrilled with the color, but we all change with time and I now just love it. This is just a sample picture. I will dress things up this weekend and share with you then. What do you think?

I also bought a very pretty watering can that is also yellow.

And I'd just like to share a picture of my daughter, Rachel, and the new bike we bought. We've been having lots of fun with it and Rachel just loves it.

Also just want to share that I am so excited as my baby sister is moving from Tennessee to the house next door to me TOMORROW and I am so excited I could just burst!!! We have not lived this close to each other since we were kids at home and that was a couple of decades ago!! I am looking forward to having her so close. I only wish my older sister lived on the other side of me! Now wouldn't that be a blast!!!!!


Rachel said...

Wow!! I love the new runner!!! It is so pretty! And the pitcher is lovely! I love the bike! It's alot of fun!!

Brook said...

Thanks for visiting blog and entering the give-away for mosaic tea letters. I appreciate the nice comments too!
The vase is beautiful and so is table runner and your daughter Rachel.
Have a lovely weekend.