Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun Saturday Finds

We had a great day looking for treasures. I found a couple of really neat things. On Friday night, I went to the closing of A.C. Moore, a craft store which just opened by me. It's such a shame that the beautiful store only survived two months! I am very sad to see it close, but enjoyed looking for bargains. I bought a couple of really nice candles. My favorite is "sage and cinnamon". What a beautiful fragrance!!! I was so excited to find this needlepoint kit. I've never done needlepoint. I'm more into the counted cross stitch samplers. I just fell in love with this needlepoint kit, though, and had to get it. The regular price was $42, but most things were 40% off, so I scooped it up for the great price of $25!!! Isn't it beautiful?? I just hope I do it because I'm usually good at buying a challenging project and then not doing it so I can't do that this time. So, what do you think? Isn't it gorgeous??

In one of my past posts, I wrote about how I just love runners. I can never have enough runners. I have about ten of them and I love finding new and different ones. Well, today we went to the Goodwill store in the elite town of Palm Beach. They had so many very pretty things there and I was so excited to find the runner pictured below. I love anything with roses, so I just had to have this at the great price of $10!!! Isn't this a fantastic find???

Next I found a very pretty milk glass vase also at the Goodwill store in Palm Beach. It's probably about six or seven inches tall and in perfect condition. This little vase was only $7!!!

And for my last good find of the day, below is a very pretty wood sconce that I found at Faith Farm for $2!!!!! I may paint it, I may not. I'm not sure.

It was so much fun scouting for treasures today. I think I picked up some nice things at great prices. After our shopping excursion, we took a ride along A1A with the beautiful, crystal clear blue ocean on one side and the interesting array of "quaint" homes on the other, including Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump's little getaway. I just love that ride along the water! I had a great day and now I am going to do some beading. I will show you what I create tonight in tomorrow's post. I haven't done any beading in several weeks so I'm really looking forward to relaxing and letting my creative juices flow. Hope you all had a great day! Later on tonight I shall catch up with all of my favorite blogs to see what you chose to share of yourself today. I always love that!!! You are all so inspiring to me and I thank you!!


Rachel said...

I love the great finds today, and you should be sure to set time to make that beautiful needlepoint! The runner is darling. I also love roses as well. (: My favorite town is the elite: Palm Beach! I just love all the little boutiques, and restaurants! I love all your little treasures!

Karla said...

What beautiful finds! As I wrote today, I love Saturdays because that is my one day to browse through yard sales, consignment shops, goodwill stores, and other places like that! I love to see all the antiques and other goods I can find, like yours!

Rue said...

Hi Joyce :)

Thank you so much for coming by my blog!

I love that needlepoint and I should have gotten it myself when I spotted it here. If you can do cross stitch you'll pick up needlepoint easily :)

I love all your new treasures too!

Have a beautiful day tomorrow,

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love the hydrangea needlepoint kit. You sound like me, I have a couple needlepoint Christmas stockings started but never finished. I think they have been in that state for over ten years!!!

What a shame that the store close after only 2 months. It's sad to me that someone dream didn't come true.

Deb said...

You found some great treasures! I love the hydrangea needlepoint kit. What a fun project to do.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I love to treasure hunt too. Love your needlepoint. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers. And your gold sconce was a wonderful treasure to find.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

don't you just love finding great finds