Sunday, June 5, 2011

That Peaceful, Easy Feeling

The evenings are so cool and breezy here in South Florida now, which is such a welcome relief after the sweltering midday heat. It is so pleasureable sitting outside after dinner, relaxing, listening to the birds chirping away as they come home to sleep for the night, and watching my puppy try to catch lizards, unsuccessfully!

I've been busy cleaning out my mother's home and have acquired a few things in the process, one being this wooden swing. My brother bought this for my parents and they both always loved it. I've fixed it just the way my mom had it with an afghan she made on the back and some patriotic pillows to make it look very inviting.

When you get something new, it kinda makes you want to spruce everything else up too. I planted flowers along my sidewalk.

It's nice to light a fire in my little fire bowl.

And enjoy the beauty that surrounds me in my little space.

Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


Victoria Lynn said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment. Everything is "lookin' good" in your backyard. I love the swing, it looks very inviting. Stay cool! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

Cheryl said...

Oh how wonderfully inviting your outdoor space is. Such a lovely swing to spend time reading a book on or just watching the world go by. It is so cozy and welcoming.