Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheryl's Hearts

I have a blog friend named Cheryl. She lives in Maine and is a truly superb photographer. Living in South Florida, I find Cheryl's pictures quite different from mine and I savor each one of her beautiful photographs.

Cheryl has a real knack for finding hearts in many of her landscape photo's. It's really quite amazing to see where she finds them. Her posts often show the many hearts she finds. Now I have a heart to share as my tribute to Cheryl. This heart of mine can be found along the walkway to my home. I often think of Cheryl when I see it and had to post this for her.

You should take a moment and see how many hearts you can find along your daily travels. I think you'll be surprised.


Kay said...

That's excellent, Joyce! Cheryl will be so happy! I found a tree that was heart shaped, but the recent storm has made it into a broken heart. Sigh.


Hi Joyce,
That a great idea..I get so busy that I'm missing out on the love/heart of nature!

Sherri said...

Joyce, I love that your friend can find hearts in things! She sounds like a very special person!

Positive Thoughts said...
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Cheryl said...

Dear Joyce, what a sweet post! I cried! Thank you for thinking of me and I am so happy you spotted the wonderful heart. I have been "away" from blogging somewhat, but am slowly getting back to blogging. Again, thank you so much.

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