Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1, 2011

It's been two months since I've posted on my blog and I am missing it. About a week ago, a previous post came to mind so I spent some time going back through my blog to find it. I had such a fun time doing that as it brought back many memories of things I've done, places I've visited and some milestones too.

My word for 2011 was "determination" and I need to reel myself back in and focus on determination. We're through the first quarter of the year already and we've all had 90 days of living. I've enjoyed my 90 days and plan to reflect upon them right here.

My son, Logan, will be 21 years old tomorrow. Twenty one years ago today I went to the hospital to get prepped to be induced to give birth to my first child. All my life I looked forward to the day I would have my very own child. The anticipation I felt 21 years ago today is vivid still. I never thought I would physically be able to handle it, but I did and I have loved just about every moment since then.

We took Logan to his favorite restaurant last night as he has to work on his special day. It was so very nice for the four of us to sit together to celebrate Logan. It actually was a celebration of all of us . . . our immediate family unit. We've all been through so much these past 21 years, of course good and bad, but it was so nice to sit with Tom and look across the table at our children and feel pride in what they have both become.

Life's changes can sometimes be hard. Watching your child grow into an admirable man is bittersweet. It is nice to hear now how he handles some of life's challenges, but it was also such fun to hear years ago about driving those Hot Wheels cars and trucks through the pathways built in the sandbox.

Happy Birthday Logan!


Sherri said...

Oh Joyce, I'm so glad you decided to post again!! I have missed you! Happy Birthday to your Logan! They do grow up so fast! I can't believe my youngest (who is 27) is having a baby in July!!

Jo, a retired teacher said...

I know many of us understand and share your thoughts. My baby is 33.

Glad you're back.

Kay said...

It's so nice to see your post, Joyce! You really do have such beautiful children. It's wonderful that they obviously get along and must be devoted to each other. Happy Birthday to Logan!

Positive Thoughts said...

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Suzanne said...

Welcome back to blogland. Glad you had fun with your family.