Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Doll

My first attempt at an art doll was lots of fun. I belong to a Yahoo group that has lots of fun swaps I have begun to participate in and enjoy immensely. I had such fun making this doll and I plan to make more and more as the possibilities are endless.

I was so excited to see what my partner thought as I copied her photo to use for my doll's face as I thought it made it a little more personal. She loved it!! It's so great when someone loves what we create!!


Kay said...

This was such a cute idea. I can see why she was thrilled.


How fun is that!! You are very busy creating...who knew that you would LOVE creating!!!Enjoy!!
Deb :)

Rhondi said...

Hi Joyce
That is so cute!! Looks like it might be easy to do too.

Cheryl said...

Cute. This looks like so much fun!

Suzanne said...

Woo hoo, you made an art doll! You're one up on me. Unless you count the "hex dolls" I made out of sticks and burlap as a scarey decoration for Michael's Halloween party a few years back. I wonder if I want to add Art Dolls to my list of interesting things to try? Maybe not, too busy.