Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Oh Geeze, I Was Tagged and Have To Be Honest

My dear friend, Cheryl, from Gratitude Gal, tagged me. I have to list ten things about myself that you may not know, tag ten others and link back to Cheryl. Mmmm. What unknown entities do I wish to share . . .

1. I am the third of four siblings and was always the most social and outgoing, smartest, prettiest, etc., etc. (None of my siblings read this so I can say what I want)

2. I am claustrophobic and afraid of heights.

3. I have been Rachel's Girl Scout leader since she was in Kindergarten. She's now going into 10th grade.

4. I went to sleep away camp every year when I was a kid. I even won a free week at camp for bringing the most kids to Sunday School.

5. I love to do laundry, but hate to mop the floor. I do it, but I hate to.

6. My very first job was at Hot Sam, a pretzel shop at the Livingston Mall. At the end of the night, after everything was all cleaned up and put away, I had to mop the little floor in front of the shop. I hated it. That's probably why I hate to mop the floor now. I was able to bring leftover pretzels home at the end of the night. My dad loved that!!

7. My favorite number is seven. I was born in the seventh month. My dad passed away at 77. Whenever the temperature in my car reads 77, I think of my dad.

8. I really do not like to travel. The furthest I've ever been from home is Toronto and that was a recruiting trip for work. I've never been further west than Tennessee.

9. I used to have a plum tree in my backyard as a child and I planted 300 red tulip bulbs beneath it. It was just gorgeous when all were in bloom. I miss it every Spring.

10. While it really stinks to not be the youngest wherever I go anymore, I really like the person I've become.

Okay, now I'm supposed to tag ten, but I'm only going to tag seven because that's my favorite number. Only do this if you want to. I won't be insulted, but I'd like to read your list too!

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7. Sherri - Sherri's Jubilee

I leave tomorrow for New Jersey. I haven't seen Rachel since June 22nd. I'm missing her quite a bit now so I hope she's ready for some cracked ribs - not really, but she will be getting a gigundo hug from me and kisses galore!!


rachel said...

cracked ribs ?!!? ouchh
haha you're getting an even bigger hug missy!!! :)
i already knew about everything, but you thought of really neat things about yourself, a true writer <3

Cheryl and Ashton said...

Oh my gosh, I was tickled to be tagged but whatever do I do??

Michele said...

Thanks for the tag Joyce...I'll have to really think of things that no one knows about me!!!

I'm sure you'll get some big hugs back from Rachel...have a great time!


Mare said...

I am originally from NJ!

Kay said...

Have a terrific trip, Joyce! I've already done this Honest tag though. :-) Sorry about that. And guess what? 7 is my ALL time favorite number, too!

Brenda Leyland said...

Hi, My first time visit. Loved your beautiful banner and enjoyed browsing through your site.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Good meme Joyce.

And thank you for helping me praise the Lord !!

adam said...

The plumb tree sounds beautiful!