Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day In The City

I grew up in the northern part of New Jersey. We lived probably just an hour out of New York City. I went periodically, but as with most things, anything too accessible is often taken for granted. I moved to Florida in 1990. I love it here. I do miss my home state, family and friends left behind and oh do I miss New York City!! It is truly the city that never sleeps. Anything is acceptable and there is an endless supply of things to do.

On our recent vacation to New Jersey, we spent a day in the city. It was a tremendous day. We went on a guided "Gossip Girl" tour. Have you ever seen that show on the CW? Rachel and I love it! Here are a couple pix from that tour of the upper east side.

I love the skyscrapers!

Where else but Park Avenue in NYC could you get fined for honking your horn? I wonder if that rule is enforced. . .

Believe it or not, it only took a couple minutes to get through this mess.

Times Square was great! The Mayor recently instituted this large area to be classified as a "resting" area because the people of New York need a place to sit, relax and enjoy their surroundings. It was great! Rachel loved everything about the city.

In the evening, we went on a Circle Line Harbor Lights cruise. For all the years I lived right there, I had never been on a Circle Line cruise on the Hudson River. It was phenomenal!

You can play golf in the screened-in area in this next picture. Why should you be deprived of playing golf just because you live in the city???

The financial district of New York City.

Skyscrapers by sea, um, well, by the Hudson River.

The sun sets behind the Empire State building. It was beautiful.

And our glorious Statue of Liberty!

It was a magnificent day as we toured the city twice - once by bus and once by boat. It was a wonderful vacation!


Connie said...

Hi chickee! Give Rachel a smooch for me; she's getting ever more gorgeous! Plus if Californians couldn't honk their horns they wouldn't know what to do, sugar! Weird - no horn honking.......

Kathy said...

Joyce - what a beautiful tour of NYC. My daughter lives in NJ and we have visited the City a few times - and love it! We took a Circle Line Tour last year - around the island of Manhattan. I think it was the best part of our trip - lots to see and lots of history (and we had an awesome tour guide). Thanks for the pics and the memories!

Take care, Kathy

Cheryl /Ashton said...

What a wonderful way to spend some time with your daughter! Your trip sounds very jam-packed with things to do but isn't that the best way to go? I have only been to Cooperstown but would love to visit the City. Ashton has been twice with her YArts group and really enjoyed it. Maybe some day she and I can go together...Have a nice day!

Sherri said...

Joyce, what a great vacation! I too lived in northwestern NJ for my whole life until 5 yrs. ago when I moved here to Charlotte. I too miss the City sometimes. It was just so convenient to drive in, see a play, shop, etc. It looks like you had a wonderful time while you were there! I'm glad you got to go to NYC!

myaliasgigi said...

As a fellow New Jerseyite..I to love where I lived and we were only
10 minutes from the George Washington Bridge so the city for
us was really close..we loved going in as well because there was
always something to see or do. I love your photos, yours or Toms?

Kim G. said...

Hooray for NYC! I LOVED going there and hope to make it back.


Hi Joyce,
What a nice trip...someday I would like to visit NY.
I see that you tagged me...guess I better post about that.
Happy Weekend!
Deb :)

blushing rose said...

Love to visit NYC, but we are now focusing on all the other wonderful cities in this country that are equally 'alive'. Love the sky scapes, you did a beautiful job capturing them. God bless our America. TTFN ~Marydon

goldenbird said...

Hi! I came to visit you at Deb's recommendation on Garage Sale Gal and I'm glad I did. GREAT pics of New York. I would love to go there. The Harbor Lights cruise on the Hudson sounds fantastic.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Joyce!

Glad you had such a wonderful vacation! NYC is amazing - and so BIG! I was truly in awe when I was there.
No horn honking - only in New York!!

Hugs, Sherry

Thanks for taking us with you.

KarenHarveyCox said...

Your photographs are beautiful. I am from New York and I lived and worked in Manhattan for many years. your trip looked wonderful. I lived in Verona and then Princeton for over ten years. I still miss it too.

Have a lovely day,