Sunday, January 11, 2009

This and That

I bought new cookware right after Christmas. I love it!!

This is a set from Farberware that is teflon-coated and oh so nice. The cabinet where I keep my cookware collects a little of this and a little of that so I am in the process of cleaning out because I certainly cannot put new cookware in a messy cabinet. I have some nice drawer liners that I'm going to use and I think I may actually paint the interior to really freshen it up. Mmm, what color? It's so much fun to revamp after the holidays and I'm having a wonderful time sprucing up my nest. I'll show you when I'm finished.

Can't believe the weekend is over already. I walked and walked and walked this weekend and I feel great! We found a new little place in our town, Peaceful Wetland Sanctuary. It is just beautiful. Unfortunately I did not have my camera with me, but Rachel did, of course, so here is one of hers. It is such a truly peaceful place to walk and enjoy nature's beauty.

Rachel and I received our Vintage Valentine Swap partners. This is our first swap, and we are very excited and anxious to put together special treasures. We found some cute things when out shopping on Saturday that will be just perfect and we've got some great ideas to craft. This will be such fun!!


Whitney said...

You are so good for walking!!! I am on day 5 of my diet and it is going pretty well!! That place really does look peaceful! And i love your new cookware!! Miss you!!! <3 Whit

Glenda said...

Great new cookware. My kitchen is to small to put all my cookware away, so I hung it.

I bought a new set 2 years ago, and I am so glad I did. I did what your doing getting rid of the odds.

Just paint a light color, that's what I did, and it made a huge difference in the cabinets.


Gratitude Gal said...

I love the little nature preserve at Pierson! We go there frequently. I am suprised you did not have your camera, though, since it is so new. You will get some great shots there. Keep up the great work walking....

Jo, a retired teacher said...

It is such fun to get a whole new set of something. New pots and pans make cooking more fun too. I'm with Glenda, I like cabinets that are light inside. It is much easier to see into.

Joy said...

What a beautiful place to take a walk, Joyce. And the new cookware - awesome! It's so great to get something new and fresh that makes us have the urge to clean up and clean out. :o)

Jayme said...

Ooooh, I bet you're going to be cooking up some good stuff with those pretty pots and pans.

I'm so excited about the valentine swap! This is going to be fun for all four of us. Chloe can't wait to put together her box for Rachel.

Keep on walking - you're inspiring me to get on my treadmill!

storyteller said...

I like what you've done with your header ... it's very kewl ;--)
A few years ago I bought new Farberware cookware too and I love it. Mine's BLUE on the outside.
Hugs and blessings,