Monday, November 9, 2009

Life Is Precious

A 15 year old classmate of Rachel's was killed in a senseless car accident this past Friday night. He took his dad's car keys after his parents went to bed and slipped out of the house to meet his friends. He didn't have his drivers license yet, only a learner's permit. He picked up a friend and they went cruising in his dad's fancy little sports car at a rapid rate of speed in a nice part of town where the houses are huge and the yards are bigger. He hit a speed bump and lost control of the car, flipped and was ejected to his death. His friend walked away without a scratch, thanks to his seatbelt.

I doubt the thought ever crossed his mind that he would be walking out of his home for the last time as he snuck out on Friday night. I'm sure he didn't think about the effect this action would have on his dear parents and two sisters. Or how his countless friends would grow up in a way they never imagined over this very fateful weekend. That empty seat next to Lindsay in Math class is a somber reminder of the devastation that occurred in our sleepy little town where kids drive cars as nice as their parents and where at 15 you don't think of the consequences of your actions, even if you think you do.

He will be remembered by many for numerous thoughts, deeds and actions. His family will always be shattered, and his co-pilot on that final ride will carry this forever. His classmates will talk about him for years to come because none of us ever forget our friends who died during high school. But life will go on, even though a special piece of sunshine was ripped away and we will never be quite the same.


In My Sepia Studio said...

It's sad. So many kids never realize it might be the last time they kiss their moms goodbye....


Hi Joyce,
Such sadness for all...these kids think they'll live forever..

Connie said...

I can't even imagine losing one of my children and the pain it would cause, honey. Give Rachel a big hug and keep her safe.

Cheryl said...

How very sad. It breaks my heart whenever I hear/read of a young person dying prematurely.

Sandy's Notes said...

Oh Joyce, I'm so sorry your daughter has to go through this. Life has some hard lessons, I hope this one teaches everyone in that school how "precious," as you put it, life is. Losing one child is one too many.

Kay said...

Oh my goodness, Joyce! What an incredibly sad and beautifully written post. Every high schooler should read this post. Maybe it would help.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Oh my goodness! Very sad indeed. The poor parents of this young boy.
I think we all have lost a friend in High School.. I know I had and my girls did too. Your are right it does stay with you.
On a better note, I hope your week will be brighter.