Monday, May 18, 2009

Pretty Painted Roses

On Saturday, my friend, Hope, and I went to a craft show at the South Florida Fairgrounds. I used to go to this particular craft show whenever it was in town and inevitably, I always found something to bring home. My favorite vendor was "Sweet Dreams". Linda and her husband, Walter, work together to make a variety of items with very pretty pink roses. I could never leave without buying something from Linda and Walter.

This clock is one of my early purchases.

I've always kept my Snow Babies on this pretty little shelf. I love the creamy white against the pale pink stripes.

I couldn't resist this birdhouse.

My absolute most favorite item is this rocking chair. This is an old chair that I inherited when my grandfather passed away in 1991. It always sat in a little area of my grandparents kitchen and it was where my grandfather would sit and listen to "nana" tell us stories of her youth and falling in love, or where he'd sit and watch us bake cookies, or play hangman. My nana loved pink. As a little girl, I was amazed that a grown-up liked pink as those were the days of "harvest gold" and "avocado". But everything in my grandparents home was pink, including my grandfather's little rocking chair. I was thrilled when I found that no one "claimed" this chair when my grandfather passed away.

Through many years of use, the pink was faded and worn. When I finally decided that it was okay to change the look of this family heirloom, I commissioned Linda and Walter to refinish it with the pretty pink roses that I've always loved. They did a great job, I love it and I am so happy this little rocking chair is mine!!!

Having not been to one of these craft shows in a couple of years, it was a real pleasure to go on Saturday. I was very happy to see that Linda and Walter were still there, still making things with pretty pink roses. Not that I needed another clock, but this was Saturday's purchase.

It was great to see my crafty friends again. It's always interesting to see the many ways we connect with people in different places and spaces.


Sherri said...

Joyce, I love those roses too! Love the clock you bought and all the other items you've purchased over the years. What a wonderful rocking chair from your grandparents. I love the makeover!!

Joy said...

The clock and rocker are my favorites - so luscious!

Kay said...

You have so many beautiful things, Joyce. I love that lovely rocking chair, too. It's a beautiful keepsake from your grandparents that you can hand down.