Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bella Is Growing Up

Where are my eyes???? Oh, they're in there! Here is Bella at 6 weeks of age. When she went to the vet two weeks ago, she was 1lb. 8oz. She's got to be at least 2lbs. now. She is so funny! She goes running all over the place, sometimes even hopping here and there. She has been off the puppy formula for close to two weeks now and is doing great with the wet Science Diet food. Her teeth are coming in great, but not enough to handle the dry food yet, but I'm hoping within the next two weeks we can move on to that.

My neightbor, Susan, lent us this really neat puppy playpen that is set up in the kitchen. Bella stays there during the day and is safe. I put her little crate in there for her to sleep in, but she always scutches herself in between the crate and the playpen and sleeps like that. At night I keep her in my room in her crate. She often wakes during the night to go to the bathroom and then goes right back into her crate to sleep until morning.

Can't say that our Lacie likes Bella all that much. Her turf has definitely been invaded and the Poodle Princess isn't real pleased about sharing her domain. Hopefully that will change as time goes on. Bella just loves Lacie and often chases her around the house with her little tail wagging. Bella almost looks like she's smiling. She is a great little addition to our family and she has brought us much joy - interrupted sleep, little messes here and there when she can get away with it, but sweet little snuggles next to my neck with her little face hidden by my hair.

It's amazing that we got Bella when she was 3 weeks old and we have survived the stages since then. I was nervous that she'd be okay so young without her mother, but I guess me and Rachel took on that role well. I remember when Tom and I first had Logan. Tom took a week off from work to stay home with me when we first came home from the hospital. When he returned to work, his coworkers asked him how it was going with the baby. Tom responded that he was still alive so we must be doing something right. I got such a kick out of that response at the time, but feel that it is a very appropriate response now with Bella.


Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

That's the cutest little ball of fuzz I've ever seen.And a real cutie holding her too !

Glenda said...

Oh, my heart is melting for that baby.

So happy she's thriving. It make you want to reach right through the computer and hug her.


Connie said...

I beat Rachel again, but then she's probably in school!!!! LOL That pup is sooooo adorable. Rachelllllll, treat her like a doggie queen, sweet chick!!
Smooches to you both,

countrygirl3031 said...

Oh Joyce...I just love that little furball...she is too cute. Sounds like she's getting along well with everyone..well maybe not everyone!!! Hopefully, Lacie will adjust too!


tales from an O.C. cottage said...

She is just waaaaaaaaaaaaay too cute to even be real!!!!!

M ^..^

Karen said...

Oh my, Joyce she is so adorable. The face is just so sweet. Bella does seem to fit in and I am sre Lacie will warm up soon, she has to because it looks like Bella isn't going anywhere!

Whitney said...

awwww little Bella is growing up soo fast!! She is the cutest thing!! You and Rachel make the best family for her! Hopefully Lacy will make friends soon! I miss you godmother!! love you!!!

storyteller said...

Thanks for the update on (and pictures of) Bella … she’s adorable! I'm almost wordless at Sacred Ruminations and have shared 'goodies' to 'snag and share' at Small Reflections.
Hugs and blessings,

Kay said...

Oh my goodness! She looks like a stuffed animal. How truly adorable!